The Best Streaming Device and Media Player Out There: Should You Pick Amazon Fire TV?

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In today’s technological era, we look to our technology devices to do practically everything for us. No matter the situation- we know that we can come home, stretch out on the couch, and catch up on our favorite television shows whenever and wherever we want, and now we can fit our favorite shows into our own time schedule. Why should you invest in something like Amazon Fire TV? In our search to find the absolute best streaming device & media player, we’re going to delve into some of the reasons that the Fire TV device is revolutionizing the way people are watching television, through one of everyone’s favorite companies- Amazon and their Prime services.

Do you play video games? Do you want to spend a large quantity of money on a device that you’re probably too busy to play? Or maybe you’re simply a mature, working class adult that works a full-time job and doesn’t have time to do much else with your day when you get home than simply kick back in your easy chair and watch a few of your favorite shows before you go to bed. Or maybe you have a full house and enjoy all the channels that Amazon offers– without the hassle of cable or satellite- which makes it one of the perfect gifts this year.

Why Amazon Fire TV is so Awesome

  • You’ll instantly be able to view over 200,000 different episodes of your favorite shows, movies, awesome songs, even hundreds of games.-Comes complete with a full month of Amazon Prime, completely free, so you can access some of your favorite movies and shows, plus exclusive Amazon movie titles
  • A Voice Search that doesn’t make you want to throw your remote across the room-Over 3 times the computing power of other systems like Roku and Apple TV, so you’re never waiting on your programs to load or buffer, because this dedicated GPU unit pumps out the performance, complete with Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound and additional optical audio plugs to enhance your viewing pleasure
  • REAL instant streaming. No waiting around, because Amazon knows what you want to watch and where- predicting movies and TV episodes for you to watch, has them completely buffered and provides them to you with complete playback before you even decide what you’re going to watch-Amazon Fire TV allows you to put your favorite apps on your TV so you’re not watching your favorite movies, shows and music on a smaller screen, and you can enjoy your features like they were meant to be enjoyed.
  • Amazing for Parents, with Amazon FreeTime to limit screen time and adding even more personalized profiles just for your children
  • Perfect for smaller games that you’re already playing- like Pocket Edition Minecraft, The Walking Dead and other Amazon exclusives right on your TV instead of on your smaller, less capable tablet or phone screens, for just 99 cents and up.
  • Get the whole family together! Perfect for Grandpa and Grandma, your dad and mom, even your little children- STILL MEETING YOUR PARTICULAR NEEDS
  • Amazon Fire TV really can do it all- and it brings it to the table to be the best media streaming device on the market today.

What are the Benefits of Having Amazon Fire TV as a gift for you or your loved ones?

  • Easy to use, with a ton of excellent features that other devices simply don’t bring to the table, plus with a free 30 day trail you can enjoy excellent Prime shows and movies for FREE
  • With a dedicated GPU you don’t have to wait as long for your programs to prepare and buffer- so you’re going to save time, giving you more time to watch your favorite shows
  • Pre-loaded and pre-selected television shows let you get your action when you want it- no more struggling with your internet connection or shuffling through lists to find what you’re looking for
  • Much cheaper and higher in quality than a Roku Device
  • Offers a multitude of your favorite stations and streaming services- so it’s perfect for every single member of your family
  • Makes a great gift as the overall most powerful and best media streaming device out there.

You can get virtually anything streamed on the internet:

  • Netflix
  • HuluPlus
  • Amazon Instant Video
  • ESPN Watch
  • HBO Go
  • Showtime Anytime, Pandora Radio, PBS Kids, Bloomberg TV
  • Flixster, PLEX, Vevo, and Many, Many Others.
  • All for one low price with our fire TV deals- $84!

Negative Aspects of Amazon Fire TV

  • It’s kind of a one sided system, and you’ve probably already got devices that provide pretty much the same features
  •  plus have the added benefit of playing high-resolution and GPU demanding games with breathtaking graphics. You can play smaller phone type games, but it’s just not the same as enjoying a high quality game when you want one- but if you simply aren’t interested in a gaming platform, this dedicated streaming device is for you.
  • You have to pay for each individual streaming service, which is disappointing, but most people already have subscriptions to their favorite services and you can generally find 30-90 day free trials on different internet sites.

How Does it Compare to Other Popular Media Streaming Devices?

Amazon Fire TV is the very best high powered media streaming device on the market, with over triple the computing processes of any leading streaming device. More than that, it’s the only device offering voice search, Dolby Digital Surround Sound, a completely separate game controller and over 400 different games, plus a quad- core processor, compared to the Roku’s dual-core processor and the Apple’s single-core processor

Plus Amazon Fire TV has far more memory and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as a highly specialized remote that requires no actual line of site to perform seamlessly. The Amazon system is a great deal already, but with current Amazon Fire TV Discounts, you can even swoop it up for less than $85 dollars. That means that it’s not only more powerful and capable than all of those other devices, it’s also a better deal, too. There is absolutely no reason not to pick up this amazing deal while it lasts.

What the Customers are Saying

Most of the people that loved this device weren’t technology junkies and needed a little something extra to keep their kids occupied. Plus, it makes a great addition to your bedroom to watch television before you go to bed, or you can put one up in your guest room so your guests can watch whatever they want, whenever they want (WARNING: they might never leave).

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What Does The Amazon Fire TV Come With, as Far as Streaming is Concerned?

The only streaming program that Fire TV comes with is Amazon Prime Direct and Netflix- free for a month. After that, it’s up to you. Many of the streaming programs and apps that come on your Fire TV device offer free trail memberships, that way you can decide if you like them before you spend money on them. It’ll save you money on cable- using Netflix or Hulu for your primary service instead of cable and backing them up with your favorite movie or sports channel (or children’s channel for your kid)

Q: What Do I Need to Get Up and Running With This Beauty? Do I just plug it in start watching television, just like that?

To operate the Amazon Fire TV, you have to have a working internet connection. But in general, the Fire TV device is exceedingly easy to set up. Most routers and modems have a connectivity button that allows you to connect devices like this at the touch of a button. Plus, Fire TV has an excellent menu and voice recognition program to really help you get started without pulling your hair out, even if you aren’t a techie.

Q: Is it Compatible With all My Devices?
One of the best parts about the Fire TV media streaming system is that it’s the best media streaming system if you’ve got several devices. If you’ve got an Amazon tablet, or are running a tablet with Amazon playing a movie, you can transfer it from your tablet to your Fire TV device so that you never have to slow down, and you can always watch movies how they were intended to be watched and vice-versa.

If you want to run to your own room, or relax on the couch downstairs where there isn’t a television, your tablet and smartphones can play directly from the Fire TV device, giving you complete media connectivity as long as Amazon Fire TV is on the network and functioning properly.

Amazon Fire TV- Streamline Your Entertainment, The Way it Was Meant to be Seen

Watch your favorite shows whenever you want, however you want- imagine the possibilities. Instead of being forced to watch television from a central location centered around a game device, or if you aren’t really technologically inclined and just want to watch what you want to watch, when you want to watch it.

Give you or someone you care about the best streaming device out there, for the best deal, hands down. You’ll be exceptionally happy with the performance and value, and your family will love all the options. Surprise your loved ones with a gift that gives them exactly what they want- movies, games, songs, television shows, connectivity- everything, at the touch of a button. You couldn’t ask for any more- but Amazon sure delivers more. For a limited time, save $16 dollars or more on an Amazon Fire TV deal, and pay $84 (with absolutely free 2 day Amazon Prime shipping)- an amazing deal on the Best Streaming Media Player out there We hope you found the information you needed in this review of the best streaming media players out there, and if you’re interested in the Amazon Fire TV device, click here

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