Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Cases and Covers

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Samsung galaxy tab S 10.5 cover is an essential accessory that is a must have for everyone owning a Samsung Galaxy Tab. It comes with a number of benefits and depending on the cover you purchase, you stand to prolong your devices overall appearance and functionality. The top Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Cover should help you enhance both.

What Exactly is a Samsung Tab S Case?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Case is a devise that seeks to protect the functionality and durability of the Samsung Tab device. It seeks to ensure that your devise does not scratch or exposed to other dangers. In addition, it also enables you to operate it with ease as they also come with a stand.

The following are examples of some of the outstanding covers with the best features and their benefits uniquely designed for Galaxy Tab S 10.5:

The rooCASE Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5, Tablet Cover Dual View, Multi-angle Stand Tablet Cover(Our Best Seller)

This cover is made of leather and has three grooves that allow for multi-angle viewing. It closes with a magnetic closure making it easier to lock in. It also allows for easy access of all controls and device features. An additional accessory of an elastic loop to hold a pen is fixed on the side. It automatically sleeps when the cover is on and wakes when you open it. You can also comes with an inner sleeve that allows for hand operations. It comes with 3-in-1 Capacitive stylus with ballpoint pen as a bonus.

Ionic Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Case with Bluetooth Keyboard Tablet Stand Leather Case

This cover comes with a keyboard that is semi rigid. This keyboard is easily connected to the device via its bluetooth. When using the screen, you do not have to be afraid that it will fall on its back as it comes with a sturdy stand on its back. You can easily operate it and not worry that you are pressing on its screen. The case is a simple snap on, rather than the usual magnetic ones that may interfere with the functionality of the device. The leather material is also durable. White Color is available too.

The MoKo Samsung Galaxy tab S 10.5 Ultra Slim Lightweight Smart-shell

This cover seeks to act as a protective gear for your device. it is made of leather that is structured uniquely to add a touch of class as well as durability. Its magnetic closure makes it easy to close in as well as firm. It is ultra slim which makes it easy to carry around. Its automation allows it to automatically wake when you open the lid and sleeps when the lid is closed. It comes with a standing position to help you use it with ease on a surface.

Fintie Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Smart Shell Case

The cover is made from polycarbonate material. This ensures your device is safe from any damages. It is easy to flip it so as to convert it into a stand which allows for viewing in two different angles. Even with the case on, you get to easily access the devices features without any interruptions. In this, it ensures the safety of the device at all times you you do not have to remove the cover unless it is absolutely necessary. There are more than 20+ colors and patterns to choose from.

The IVSO Samsung Tab S 10.5 Ultra-Thin Quality Bluetooth Keyboard Portfolio Case

This cover allows for 3 functions at the same same time (bluetooth, keyboard and a stand). the keyboard is similar to that of the actual computer keyboard. This makes it ideal even for office use. You can easily access all ports and features of the device without having to open and close it at all times. This ensures that your device is safe and lasts longer.

Why you need one Tab S Case?

  • Protect your phone from damages like scratching.
  • It adds on a touch of class.
  • It allows for a standing posture rather than constantly holding it despite its size.
  • It promotes durability as the devise is safe.

Factors to Consider before Purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Tab S Cover

Tab 5 cover sale varies not only in the material they are made from but also in the design they are created. In this, choosing one to go for use may be a little tricky. The following are factors to consider when trying to settle down for the best Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 cover.

  • Ease of accessing your tabs features without the option of constantly opening and closing it. This also applies for accessibility of the ports.
  • A sturdy stand option.
  • The material it is made of should be durable and still looks classy.
  • The ease of fitting in the Tab.

Selecting the best Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 cover can be a little overwhelming but with the provided guide above, it should be much easier. This is a device that is a must have and the selected covers above are designed to fit only the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5. This guarantees a perfect fit. To ensure that your tab serves you in the long-term, ensure that you purchase the best Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 case for your Tab.

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  1. Rebecca Stash June 4, 2015 at 2:35 am

    I have a Samsung tab S with a Griffin Survivor case on it but I want to carry it in a leather portfolio. Can’t find one that will fit. Can you help?

    • Ken June 7, 2015 at 2:56 pm

      Rebecca, you may consider a Roocase one without using your Survivor Case along.

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