Searching for the Top NOOK GlowLight Cases and Covers

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Now that you’ve made the investment in a NOOK eReader, you are naturally interested in the Best NOOK GlowLight Covers. Nook cases are among the most popular Nook accessories, which isn’t surprising. Nook cases are as functional as they are stylish, to the point that many people aren’t even used to using Nook readers without a Nook case to use for support. Given the popularity of Nook e-reader, including cases for Nook Glow-Light, it isn’t surprising that there are so many different types and options for consumers to purchase.

Top NOOK Glowlight Cases

About GlowLight Cases

Nook cases are specifically designed for Nook Glow Lights, which are often distinguished by their unique designs and features. Different devices will require different accessories, and GlowLight cases are among the most important accessories that a Nook can have. Few people use their Nooks for any length of time without adding covers. As such, it’s no surprise that so many customers are looking for a Nook Glow-Light Case discount.

Popular Available Nook GlowLight Cases: Our Hand Pick

Premium Advanced Leather Magnetic Cover for Nook 4th Gen (model number NOOK-LCS010) – Our Best Seller

The case provides an excellent fit, and the magnetic cover is convenient. It comes in a wide range of pastel shades so it’s easy to find your favorite color. It’s inexpensive and easy to carry.  This fourth generation magnetic case guards against dust, abrasions and damage, and will protect your NOOK for years to come.

Dark Blue, Coffee Brown, Light Blue, Rose, Purple and and Red are available.

Magnetic Magnet Leather Sleeve Glow-Light Cover

The fact that this case is equipped with an integrated magnetic closure means that there’s no risk of the cover accidentally opening at the most inconvenient time. The case’s interior is made from soft microfibers, which helps cushion the reader inside. Premium PU leather gives it an especially sleek look and ensures that your NOOK is protected, without the inconvenience of straps or snaps.

The NOOK cover is available in Green, Black, Dark Blueand Red.

Mulbess Nook GlowLight 4th Stand Cover

This case stands out from many other cases because it is equipped with a flip stand that allows it to rest like a picture frame, allowing for both portrait and landscape orientation during reading.

Its installation is easy and it is just as lightweight and easy to handle as any high-quality Nook case. This Glow-Light Stand Cover from Mulbess is made from functional and stylish PU leather.

This stylish and functional case comes in several colors, including Green, Blue, Orange, Purple, and Pink.

Coodio Nook GlowLight Genuine Leather Cover Built-in Holder

This case has a built-in holder, which should be especially convenient during reading hours. Unlike many similar cases, it is made from genuine leather.


Purple Ultra Slim Thin Leather Sleeve

The cover of this case can be folded back during reading sessions, but it’s still solid enough to offer the Nook reader real protection. The installation process is straightforward. It is a portable case that still manages to be suitably sturdy.

It is made from excellent, high-quality PU leather that provides both style and substance. Its blue-purple coloring should have a broad appeal.

JAVOedge Universal eReader Glow-light Case

This cover will perfectly conform to the shape of a Nook Glowing Light reader.  The cover uses four elastic straps in order to properly secure the case, which work just as well as a magnetic closure.

Its interior is soft to the touch, and will keep a customer’s Nook reader safe. The manufacturers have even offered a money-back guarantee, which makes the case a safe bet. Its leaf stencil pattern is distinctive and visually appealing.

Why Do I Need To Get One?

– Nook cases help protect Nooks from damage, including drops, scratches and moisture damage.
– Protecting your device will ensure that you can use it for years to come.
– Nook cases can make Nooks easier to hold. As people read their ebooks, they can hold them like books when they buy the right Nook cases.
– Nook covers can also be very stylish, and many people choose certain cases specifically for aesthetic reasons. Customers can easily find Nook covers that give them everything that they could want in their Nook covers.

What To Consider When Buying One?

Appearance: Nook GlowLight cases have different available colors and outer textures, not all of which are going to appeal to everyone.
Features: Different Nook cases will fasten in different ways, and some of them will have unexpected attributes.
Cost: People will differ in terms of what they’re willing to spend to protect their Nook Glow-Light.  Most cases cost between ten and twenty dollars, so you are sure to find one that fits your budget.
Materials: Most covers come with microfiber interiors for maximum protection, and are available in a wide variety of colors and materials.

Common Customer FAQ

The Best Covers for NOOK Lighted Reader are distinguished by being user-friendly, durable, and functional. Customers will also often ask about the mechanism by which the Nook is held in the case. This will vary depending on the Nook cover, although it usually involves straps or a magnetic setting.

Many covers also fold back nicely, which is another common customer concern.

Customer Review Summary

Customers throughout the world have been satisfied with their Light covers. They have often reported that their Nook covers made reading that much easier and more recreational.

Many of them reported that the covers held the Nooks well, regardless of some initial concerns they may have had. Customers often complimented their products on their durability and portability.

Plenty of customers also appreciated their aesthetics.


There are many things to keep in mind when purchasing a Nook Glow-Light case. The Best Covers for NOOK GlowLight 2014 can help protect customers’ Nook readers in style. Customers that examine all of their possible choices when shopping for Nook cases will end up with the Nook accessories that they enjoy the most.

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