Top Google Nexus 9 Covers and Cases: Which Cover is the Best?

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The Nexus 9 is Google’s newest tablet offering, featuring 8.9″ IPS LCD and Android 5.0 Lollipop. Although some people may be disappointed with the design, which is similar to the iPad air, we think it’s a good move seeing as previous Nexus tablets are 16:10 ratio, while the Nexus 9 is 4:3 – great for reading books and docs. To protect your investment, you should consider getting the Best Nexus 9 Covers for your new tablet.

Nexus 9’s regular case is basically a leather wallet with a soft interior that provides the tablet with protection and comes with a stand. It shows off your style and brings more life to your gadget. Goggle also offers a folio case for the new Nexus, but there are alternatives to that case, ones with more features, lower prices, and better designs. Below are reviews of some of these top options:

HTC Polyurethane Magic Cover for Nexus 9

The HTC magic cover features a magnetic attachment cover that can be attached to either the front or back of the Nexus 9. The cover folds into two standing positions; the upright position for viewing and the lying position for typing. The magic cover features an automatic screen wake up when the cover is taken from the front side, and when the camera launches when the cover flap over the camera is folded down.  It is versatile and lightweight, with easy to use features.

This case is specifically designed for Nexus 9 tablets.  Carefully but precisely made cutouts give users full access to the Nexus 9’s features and controls. Available in black, this cover is made of premium quality leather and features a padded plastic back and front for extra protection of the tablet.

With a distinctive design to allow for comfortable typing, and with the best viewing angles for watching videos, the Google cover case also features an auto sleep and wake function system to prolong the tablet’s running time.

ProCase Nexus Nine Tri-Fold Book Cover

Though incompatible with earlier models, the ProCase Nexus 9 case features uniquely designed cutouts for easy access to all of the features and controls on the tablet.

Made from premium leather on the outside and a soft microfiber inside, this case offers great protection for everyday use. Like most cover cases, the ProCase features a Tri-fold lid feature to make it into a horizontal stand.

With a quality strap for comfortable holding in one hand and a velcro closure to secure the tablet inside the case, the ProCase features magnetic closures. The ProCase comes in many different colors, and comes with a  bonus ProCase stylus pen.

IVSO Ultra-Thin Slim Smart Cover Case

With a lifetime warranty and designed exclusively for the Nexus 9 tablet, the case is made from premium quality leather with a microfiber interior for protection against scratches. This cover’s slim case features a multi-angle standing for comfortable viewing.

All cases features cutouts to access the tablet controls, the case protects the Nexus 9 for convenience to take it to the workplace.

SUPERNIGHT Universal Folding PU Leather Stand

This case comes in high quality leather with removable wireless keyboard and features a smooth appearance and durable protection for your tablet. Compatible with systems like Apple, Android and Windows, this product has a built in stand for easy typing and features laptop-style keyboard keys. It is slim but durable, and features all-in-one accessories like a wireless removable Bluetooth keyboard. The rechargeable lithium battery has a 30 day standby time.

Fintie Google Nexus 9″ Tablet Case

Available in many different colors, this case is specially designed for the Nexus 9.  Made from premium quality leather and featuring a synthetic microfiber interior designed to prevent scratches, this case comes with an interior pocket for easy insertion and removal of the device.  The flip cover allows the user to transform the case into a horizontal viewing stand.

The built in magnetic strip provides an automatic sleep and wake feature, and is designed to hold a stylus.

IVSO Google 8.9-inch Ultra-Thin Bluetooth Keyboard Stand Case

Available in dark grey and made from premium leather, the IVSO case features a soft microfiber interior designed to protect the tablet from damage. This case features a laptop-style keyboard for easy typing..

Like many other cases, this one features precise space for the controls of the tablet. The recharging time for 60 hours working time is 2.5 – 3 hours.

Poetic Google Nexus Slim Case

Made from smooth PU leather and featuring an automatic sleep and wake function, this case is protective and lightweight. The case features an easy snap on installation in a protective polycarbonate shell.

The Poetic name is synonymous with high quality products; the cases are stylish and produced with care in order to fit the tablets.

What to consider when you buy a case

Price – Is it well priced for what I am getting?
Brand – Is the brand well known and reputable?
Color – Sometimes a case comes in dark tones, but people who like color might prefer bolder hues.
Material – Does it come with interior padding to prevent scratches?
Features – Any Auto Sleep Features, or a Stand?

Why do I need a case?

– Protection for your tablet. It might fall from your pocket or your hand, and it might become scratched.
– Extra functionality for the device.
– With the folding feature, you can more comfortably type up anything on your tablet, and you can also view your videos as though you were watching from your laptop.

Customer FAQ

Q. When it says “case with auto sleep and wake function”, what does it mean?

A. When you turn on the case, your tablet will wake when you turn off the case, your tablet will be in a sleep condition, then your tablet can save power.

Q. Will the Nexus 7 Case fit?

A. No, as they are have different screen sizes.

Q. Can I find some of these features on other cases?

A. Yes, most covers include Auto Sleep and Wake feature. Some come with a Bluetooth Keyboard.

Customer Reviews

Most customers had very favorable reviews for their cases. They cited how well the tablets fit and how it was exactly what they were looking for.

Some customers have also described how much time they’d spent looking for the right cover case to suit the right kind of tablet – some didn’t feature flaps for the chargers until they found the right one.


Most of the cases included in this article have similar features such as padding and microfiber interiors for the Nexus 9 tablet and cutouts for the controls and the accessories, but the cases also have unique features including elastic straps for hand held use, a very useful feature, and they tend to be compatible with other models of tablet besides the Nexus 9.

When you choose your cover, always make sure that you choose one with interior and exterior padding, folding for easy typing and video viewing without the need to take out the tablet.

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