Top Seller Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Cases and Covers: Style & function All Rolled Into One

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The Surface Pro 3 is one of The hottest devices on The market- and rightfully so! This tablet really can and does work like a laptop, thanks to its ingenious design featuring multi-purpose cases and covers. Their line of cases are a main selling feature, as they are durable, stylish and, most importantly, improve The function of The Pro 3. While these sleeves may look sleek and fun, they are The key to the devices success. If you own or plan to own a Surface Pro 3 then read our review Of the Best Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Cases. It will tell you everything you need to know to pick the right case for your Surface.

The Surface Pro 3 Cover: What Can It Do For You?

Microsoft’s line Of cases and covers for The Surface Pro 3 are works Of art that are built to catch your eye, but are a lot more than just eye candy. These sleeves have a built in keyboard and can “click” onto tablet PC , making it look and act like a standard computer. That means students, professionals, and anyone else who is interested, can type reports, essays, emails and more quickly and effectively. They can also swivel and flip while connected, so you can position The tablet in a variety Of angles. All that, plus a variety Of available colors and textures, makes these covers the perfect blend Of beauty and form and a must for any Surface user.

The Popular Surface Pro Three Sleeves: Protecting and Stylish

Now that you know what to look for lets take a look at the cases and covers currently available for the Pro 3 and see what each has to offer in terms of features and benefits:

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Type Cover

This sleek, modern looking Surface Pro keyboard case is a great choice for professionals thanks to it’s clean lines and classic black color. This case has a built in keyboard, so you can type full page reports, emails and more just like you do with your laptop. It features the Microsoft signature click-on method of attaching and stays secure until you remove it.

Fintie Folio Slim-Fit PU Leather MS Surface Pro 3 Case

Fintie MS Surface Pro Case

This line of cases for the Surface Pro 3 comes in a wide variety of colors and textures, so it’s great if your giving it as a gift because you can tailor it to the recipients taste. It is super slim and is designed to open and close like a book, offering premium protection.

It’s made of soft leather and can hold a keyboard, plus it has a stylus holder on the side and hold your device firmly in place with Velcro snaps. A fun, economical case for students or anyone who like to be bold at just under $20.

Fintie Surface-Pro 3 Smart Shell Case

Fintie Surface Pro 3 Smart Shell Case

This Polycarbonate backed case can take a beating, making it great for younger users or those who travel. The hard shell has a scratch-free microfiber interior to keep your tablet protected and has a lot of colors and designs to choose from.

The front and back cover do not separate, but the case does flip so it can be used as a stand (great for watching movies and videos). A solid choice and only ~$18.

Skinomi® TechSkinCarbon Fiber Full Body Skin + Screen Protector

Skinomi TechSkin

If you’re into high-tech, premium cases or know someone who’s accident prone then this is the right case to choose. Made with a specially designed film (original Skinomi® TechSkin Screen Protector) to offer lasting protection to your screen and a carbon fiber body to support and protect this case is sleek and sturdy, yet still lightweight.

It is easy to apply the screen protector and the cover gives it a polished, futuristic look thanks to a unique grid design people will notice and admire. A real bargain at $20 and it comes with a Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty.

ProCase Premium Folio Cover Case

For those interested in a polished, scholarly look this case is a great choice. It is made with soft brown or purple leather, with black leather accents and has a plush interior to cradle your device. Comes with a stylus holder and uses Velcro snaps to keep your Pro 3 in place at all times and a built-in stand for multiple angles.

MoKo MS Surface-Pro-3 12″ Tablet PC Slim-Fit Multi-angle Folio Cover Case

MoKo Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Case

Made in a choice of 7 bright colors this carbon fiber case is great thanks to a padded soft, suede-style front cover and hard back cover that offers protection and style. There’s a handy strap handle that you can slip your hand in to hold it securely when your on the move- great for commuters and a built-in stand. Prices range from $20-$25, but a great choice at any price.

URBAN ARMOR GEAR Case for Microsoft Surface Pro 3

This case offers users the ultimate in protection, making it great fro anyone who is prone to dropping their device or travels and commutes. It is super lightweight, but the composite construction and impact-resistant core means it won’t break if it slips from your hands.

It has air vent to keep your device cool and is designed to allow easy access to ports and vents or to attach a keyboard (doesn’t cover keyboard). Plus, it is waterproof and has a 5 position stand. It is well worth the investment for the piece of mind it gives.

Main Features to Look for When Buying a Cover

It may sound simple, but knowing what to look for when buying a cover can be tricky. You want a case or cover that fits you and your needs, so it’s important to know the key features to look for. Here’s what you should look at before you buy:


Cases come in many different materials, so you need to consider who your buying for and how it will be used. For example, if you are buying for a teen you may want to consider something durable in case it falls or if you are buying for someone who travels you want materials that travel well.


When buying a case you should look at what it has to offer in terms of features: does it have a hand strap? a keyboard? does it come in multiple colors? Knowing the main features will help you choose the right case for the right user and customize the look and function of the device.


Different outlets offer cases and covers at different price points, so make sure you are getting the best deal. Many retailers, like Amazon, also offer Surface Pro cover discounts, making them even more affordable


Today’s cases come in a large assortment of designs and colors. they have everything from Zebra print to neon green and everything in-between. So if you are buying for your husband maybe you may want top put his team logo on the front, but if your buying for a business setting classic colors are better. Have fun and choose the one that works best for the user.

Q & A

Here are some of the most frequently asked consumer questions:

Q. Will any case fit my Surface Pro 3?

A. No. Only cases designed for the Surface Pro 3 will work with it. All the models on our list are compatible and you should only buy a case that specifies it is for the Surface Pro 3.

Q. Do cases take the place of screen protectors?

A. No, although if you have a cover that opens and closes it does add protection. You can apply a screen protector separately.

Q. Do all covers have keyboard holders?

A. No, so if you need one to hold your keyboard make sure it can accommodate it.

Customer Reviews

Surface Pro 3 users are in love with the cases and covers available. They say they are sturdy, durable and really make their tablets work more like a computer. Consumers love all the different colors and styles and many are raving about the cases with the attached keyboard. Most of all, they all love how affordable they are.

Our Best Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Case post shows just how worthwhile of an investment they are. They not only improve the way you use your device, but provide protection ans support, so you can carry it around without worry. They are the perfect blend of style and function all rolled into one and will make your Surface Pro 3 even better than it already is. Happy shopping!

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