Top Seller Kindle Voyage Cases and Covers – Which One is Best?

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What is a Kindle Voyage Case?

If you are an avid reader that Amazon is targeting with the Voyage, then you should pick it up as soon as possible. Once you do, it makes sense to protect your investment. A Kindle Voyage case can be both a stylish and protective accessory that ensures that you will enjoy your Kindle for years to come.

A good case will also enhance the usability of your device. The Voyage cover offered by Amazon, known as the origami cover, props your device up, which makes it easier to read and manage. For the best Kindle Voyage covers, you do not have to search far, as there are plenty available on Amazon. And if you look carefully enough, you will be sure to find a Kindle Voyage case discount.

Note: These only Fit Kindle Voyage, but not Paperwhite.

Today, we will be reviewing several cases for your new Kindle Reader. These cases provide different features based on how you use them. It makes sense to see the features offered by each one, and decide which cover best fits your reading style.

1. Amazon Protective Cover for Kindle Voyage (Our Best-Sellers)

This is the official protective cover released by Amazon. As mentioned above, it uses the brand new origami design to make sure that your Kindle has maximum functionality. Another nice feature of the cover is the aesthetics. It is clear that Amazon has gone out of its way to make the most versatile cover on the market. There are 5 different colors to choose from, allowing your Kindle to match your personality. The cover is also lightweight, allowing for easy carrying. This is among the best most popular Kindle Voyage covers.

Citron, Royal, and Pink are available.

2. Amazon Leather Cover for Kindle Voyage

If you prefer Premium Leather Material, this is for you. The magnetic connection secure your Voyage and keeps it from dropping out of the case.

It costs a little more, but it’s worth the money for your peace of mind. It’s the best mate of your new e-reader.

3. Incipio Top Folio Cover for Voyage

The Top Folio Cover offers a unique take on the design of the Voyage. Unlike the official cover, this cover is primarily made of a tight-woven fabric that provides a different feel than many covers on the market. One of the advantages of this kind of cover is that it protects better in the case that you drop your Kindle. However, it is more than 3 times as heavy as the official Amazon cover. O7 and Chevron patterns stand out in the crowd!

With $25, you have other color choice too like Dark Blue, Turquoise, Blackand Orchid Pink!

4. Brown Incipio Journal Cover

This is an extremely cool cover from Incipio. The material is made to look and feel like a leather-bound book. This is the perfect way to show your bibliophile side. The cover is very protective and will ensure that your Kindle looks great while you take it anywhere. This cover is all about making a statement.

5. Purple Belkin Folio for Kindle 2014

If you are looking for a thin, light book cover, this may be the perfect choice for you. If pink is not your style then you also have purple and black to choose from. While some of the other covers have been heavy-duty, this cover is less about drawing attention and more about adding a light, sleek look to your Voyage. You may consider Black and Pink too.

6. Fintie Voyage SmartShell Case (Very Popular 2015)

The Fintie Folio case is truly one of the most unique and fun Kindle cases in this list. There are over a dozen wild and zany patterns to choose from, including cheetah, zebra, and dinosaur. The Fintie is truly an expression of your personality. It also has a unique carve out design that lets your place your Kindle in the sit inside the cover, as opposed to just being a cover.Magnetic clasp securely closes your eReader.

Fintie SmartShell Case for Kindle Voyage – [The Thinnest and Lightest] Protective PU Leather Cover with Auto Sleep/Wake for Amazon Kindle Voyage (2014), Black

7. HOTCOOL Thinnest and Lightest PU Leather Case

The HOTCOOL is a fine Kindle accessory. It is made with artificial leather, which looks and feels great. One particularly useful feature is the Magnetic Auto Sleep Feature which will enable you to turn off your Kindle with ease.

It’s very thin, cool, and stylish, and would be a great addition to your Kindle collection. It’s definitely worth a shot! Many Colors to choose from too.

Why Do I Need To Get a Cover?

Protect your investment
• Looks great
• Fun and unique
• Enhances Kindle usability
• Provide unique features to your Kindle

What to consider when buying one?

You should consider weight, looks, protection features (hard or soft), color and durability. Realize that this case should take you and your Kindle through years upon years of enjoyable reading time. A cover is an important step to making the Kindle experience complete. The cover is one of the most fun aspects of having a Kindle. You also won’t have to worry about dropping your device, or putting it in your backpack. For the cost, a Kindle cover can be one of the best purchases that you can make.

Common customer FAQ

Q: How long will this last?

A: If taken care of properly, your Kindle can last for over a decade.

Q: Isn’t it a waste of money?

A: No way! This is cheap compared to repairing your Kindle at a local retailer.

Q: Is this really worth it?

A: Well, how much do you need to pay if your glass screen breaks? Also, do you love to have cracks and stretch here and there?

What is the Kindle Voyage? – A Kindle Family History

The Kindle Voyage eReader is a new Amazon product that is marketed toward avid readers. When the first Kindle came out, it was strictly a reading device. As the market continued to evolve, Kindle added new features that seemed unnecessary to customers who only desired to read books. The Kindle Fire included video, audio, applications, internet, and much more.

The Kindle then split directly into two different subsections, the “tablet” group and the “reader” group.

The tablet group wanted the Fire to compete with the latest tablets on the market, while the reader group only cared about how Kindle enhanced reading. The group who favored fancy tablet devices had been getting the majority of the attention, until Amazon unveiled the Kindle Voyage.

The Voyage is the avid reader’s dream Kindle. Marketed to help make reading more fun and efficient, Amazon has proven that it has not forgotten about its core reading demographic.

Real Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews have only been made available to a select few that have seen this product in advance. The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and are just another indicator that this is a great purchase. Most reviewers were surprised by how much they were able to get out of their Voyage e-Reader. The most avid readers liked the fact that the covers made the Voyage look like a book.

Overall, this is an amazing product from Amazon. If you want to read more, or find yourself yearning for that classic book feel, then these products are right up your alley. The Kindle Voyage is a great way to kick off the Fall. There is no better place to spend a chilly Autumn day than cuddled up on your couch next to a great book.

There are many covers to choose from and it can be overwhelming. We have selected the best cases in the class and we hope you found one that suits your needs!

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