The Kindle Fire Tablet is Still the Best Kindle Tablet for Kids!

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There are huge educational benefits for children who have access to tablets. However, it is difficult as a parent to know which tablet would be best for your child, and it is even more difficult to monitor a child’s exposure to potentially inappropriate and even dangerous places in the online world. Thankfully, Kindle has been doing its homework in this department. After nearly a decade of tablet computers being a part of our daily lives, the Kindle Fire Tablet is still the best Kindle for kids.

Best Kindle for Kids

Literacy and math skills are some of the most important areas of learning, and a tablet can provide the avenue to thousands of resources for all different types of learners to gain these skills. Tablets are also extremely beneficial for children with learning disabilities. These gadgets are literally a miracle for many parents raising children who having unique needs for learning. With thousands of educational apps, online games, videos, tutorials, and interactive sites, a tablet opens a whole new door of learning for the next generation of children. Here are just a few ways a child can gain an advantage over other kids by having access to a tablet:

kids enjoy kindle tablet

  • Learn a new language online using Youtube videos or free foreign language learning games
  • The internet is all about research. All the answers to every question can be found online. With an interactive touch sensitive tablet, the world is literally at their fingertips!
  • Read more books. Literacy is crucial to a child’s success. With access to so many books online, your child will soon learn to love reading.
  • Kids can publish their own stories on many apps, blogs, and websites.
  • Computer and typing skills are requirements for almost every job in today’s market. Make sure your child has this advantage at a very early age to secure their place in the workforce.
  • Kids actually can keep up with current events online. They usually don’t have the money or access to newspapers, but their favorite homepages will give them glimpses of global news that will keep your child more knowledgeable than most other kids.

Best Kindle Tablet for Children Features & Benefits

  • 7” HD Display for high quality viewing while still being size-suited and lightweight, perfect for a purse or small briefcase at only 12.2 ounces.
  • Wifi capability with 8 GB or 16 GB for lots of storage capacity.
  • 1.2 GHz dual core processor increases the speed of the Kindle Tablet from previous years’ models.
  • Comes with the power adaptor to ensure that you are always charged and ready!
  • Dolby audio technology means great high quality sound for your music and videos.
  • Battery life is 10 hours which is more than previous years’ models.
  • Quiet time feature allows you to set a timer for all sounds and alarms to cease. This is great for watching a movie or listening to music while you fall asleep. Don’t worry about having to get yourself back up to turn off the noise.
  • Other exclusive features that your child can’t miss.

Kid-Friendly Feature: Kindle Freetime Unlimited

This revolutionary service is a must-have for kids on Kindle and is what truly makes this tablet the best Kindle tablet for kids! The Kindle Freetime Unlimited feature allows access to kid-friendly books, TV shows, movies, games, videos, and educational apps. Once parents log the child into the service, kids must have a password to exit the “Freetime.” Within this huge world of kid-friendly possibilities, parents can set daily time limits to make sure their children are not playing for too long. Or, parents can set limits to restrict kids from playing games or watching videos, even reading books. This service also disables making any in-app & game purchases and web browsing. Ads are not found anywhere in Kindle Freetime for kids to accidentally buy something you don’t want.

best kindle for kids with Kindle FreeTime

Delving further into Kindle Freetime Unlimited, the service is stocked with educational materials that could be used for home schooling programs, tutoring resources, access to materials for remediation. Teachers will find this service extremely beneficial for locating common core materials, leveled readers, and supplemental readers. Math skills can also be practiced and improved in Kindle Freetime Unlimited.

Parents can even set a certain goal for kids to reach in their academic areas before they can move on to playing games or watching movies. Reading books on the Kindle HS can always be an unlimited feature to encourage and foster a love of reading in your child! This feature is especially recommended as an important safety precaution for children ages 3-8. With so much inappropriate content and child predators on the internet, this feature is vital to your child’s safety and protection.

Kindle Kids Tablet Pros & Cons

The main drawback to this tablet is that it does not have a camera. You cannot take pictures or video. There is not a microphone either.  Kindle Fire HDX would be your next best bid if Camera and Skype are must-have for your kids. However, if you are buying this tablet for a child, then this is actually a nice benefit. More accessories with kids often means more things that come up broken. Less features is sometimes more when it comes to kids having access to tablets.

A secondary disadvantage is that buying a Kindle requires you to shop strictly Amazon. If you are more of a Google or Apple fan, then the Kindle will make you feel a bit limited. It is true that competition probably has more apps available than Amazon; however, we have all learned over the years that the majority of the thousands of apps out there really are not worth your time and precious storage space on your tablet.

Saving money is the main gain to purchasing the Fire HD tablet. Comparing this product to the Nexus and Apple Mini, the Kindle tablet is much more affordable! The three products side by side are almost identical in techi-features, so it only makes sense to go with the cheapest of the three which is the Kindle Fire HD by quite a lot of coin!

best kids kindle

Buying a Kid cover along with your Kids Kindle

It’s kid-safe material case providing excellent protection from drops and bumps.

Good Grip, lightweight, and durable!

Pink and Purple are available too, sure that your princess loves either one.

The Best & Most Affordable Kids Tablet on the Market

Ultimately, what sets the Kindle Fire HD apart from the competition is that it is the best Kindle tablet for kids. That is an extremely important characteristic for families who allow their kids on their tablets. Every parent deserves to have the comfort of knowing their child is safe and protected while using tablet technology. Kindle Freetime Unlimited gives parents that assurance. And, because of its affordability, if your child accidentally drops, breaks, or washes your tablet in the washing machine, you are not out several hundreds of dollars. Additionally, with the Kindle tablet discounts availablethe Kindle tablet discounts available, you will save even more when making your next Kindle Fire HD purchase.

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