Top Seller Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Cases and Covers

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Today, among the few things an average person carries daily with them are these key items you might find; a phone, a laptop/tablet and/or a notebook and Kindle Fire HDX is among the products that comes with the best kindle fire HDX 7 cover and serves as a clothe, stand and protective shield. These gadgets define our lifestyles and tell all about our character.

Best Seller Kindle Fire HDX Covers

As demand for the Kindle Fire HDX gadgets grows higher in the market, Kindle get busy developing the best Kindle Fire HDX 7 cases for them. It pays to protect and maintain the gadget that holds your mobile office, personal information and indeed your life in soft.

So what is the Kindle Fire HDX Cover?

In Definition, let’s understand what a cover is. A cover is a wrap, a bag or a case, which holds together or fits in an item to restrict movement, displacement, limit damage on the surface of the item, and to maintain and protect it.

The kindle fire HDX Case is a brilliant, fitting safe case for the kindle fire HDX product. Given that the kindle fire Cover is meant for electronic gadget. Has been designed with lots of special features too, enough to cutely fit tight and accommodate the kindle fire HDX for easy handling and comfortable use. These covers are quite spectacular and uniquely designed for different models of the kindle fire HD.

Let’s take a look as some of the best kindle fire HDX Cover types we got here;

1)Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Standing Leather Origami Case, Black

The fabulous Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Standing Leather Origami Case is design to specifically fit the cool kindle fire HDX 7 Model. The cool black cover color gives an elegant look and feel to the Kindle fire HDX 7. The cover comes well with black and we can all agree to black leather color being the most popular and widely accepted color since it rhymes with all other colors.

The Amazon Kindle Standing Leather Origami case is raced with black unseen microfibers to protect the screen. It is a state of art design, creatively built –in origami, strong and reinforces folds stature to firmly support a landscape or portrait orientation for hands-free viewing/operative position of the Kindle fire HDX 7. It is intelligent designed to provide a Dolby digital sound experience through its redirected the sound from the kindle fire HDX speaker towards you. It is an automatic energy saver enabled in its cover magnetic field controlling it’s on and off when the cover is opened or closed.

2) MoKo Amazon All-New Kindle Fire HDX 7 Case – Slim Folding Case for Fire HDX 7.0 Inch 2013 Gen Tablet (Our Top budget and seller)

This is our new and favorite HDX 7 Cover because of the Slim design and Premium PU leather exterior. There are tons of color to choose and I’m sure that one is your favorite.

Auto Wake-up and Sleep is a must-have for Tablet smartcover these days.

Did I mention that it offers “Lifetime warranty”? The maker is very confident with its quality.

700+ 4.5 star customer reviews is another great index about this quality.

3) rooCASE Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Origami Dual-View Case Cover (1500+ 4.5 Star rating)

The booklet style invent case is one Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 inch display. The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 inch is reasonably cheap and affordable at < $15. It comes in classic black, blue, and various color and patterns. Its portable and light weight made of leather shell with a soft feel matte finishing.

It has a foldable top conveniently that converts in different portrait and landscape viewing and typing positions. It help to save energy and battery life with its magnetic sleep/wake sensors. The interior is fitted with soft microfiber and provides a 3-in-1 capcitive BONUS stylus pen accessory in the package.

rooCASE Kindle Fire HDX 7 Origami Dual-View Case Cover Customer Reviews

Not only that, I love the stylus holder on the side.

rooCASE Kindle Fire HDX 7 Origami Dual-View Case Typing View

4) IVSO KeyBook Bluetooth Keyboard Case

This is a great cover coming with the real laptop feeling Bluetooth keyboard. It’s handy if you’d like to type on your HDX a lot.

Most of iPad users also have their own keyboard too.

Check out the Exclusive design and 40% off Deal Here.


5) rooCASE Case for Amazon All-New Kindle Fire HDX 7 – Executive Portfolio Leather Case

This is a premium Genuine leather Cover with micro fiber interior. It has the Executive Look and Feel and you can insert Business Cards and ID slots in the accessory flap. Auto Awake feature is a must-have for HDX case.

500+ 4.5 Star Reviews can’t go wrong with this. Red and Pink are available as well.


6) Belkin Chambray Cover for Kindle Fire HDX

I’d say this is another great looking case for your new Fire HDX. It’s a Certified Made HDX Accessory with great color choices.

Belkin Chambray Cover for Kindle Fire HDX Color

The molded cover is just fit-tight your HDX.

7) Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Zip Sleeve

This is a smart pouch design to fit Kindle Fire HDX 7″, all Kindle Fire HD models and the original Kindle Fire. The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Zip Sleeve, Graphite is Simple and neat.

It creates a homely feeling of ownership like a purse or bag pack and effects privacy and security through the convenient zipper closer. It’s verily stylish and acceptable to all age groups. It lightweight sleeve protects against dust and scratches. Unlike other kindle fire HDX cover, The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Zip Sleeve, comes in different attractive colors:

Graphite, Coral Red, Blue, Charcoal, and Lime Green.

8) Marware Origin Cover for Kindle Fire HDX

Marware Origin Cover for Kindle Fire HDX is also custom made to fit the Kindle Fire HDX 7. The glamorous Lime Green color makes it happy and exciting. The mix and matching of the lime green and leather textures creates a youthful/teen’s look and feel.

The Marware Origin Cover for Kindle Fire HDX is quite affordable and will cost you 27.99 only and free shipping on top. The case cover stand is firm enough to allow hands-free viewing. A microsueded interior create tender soft porch that protects screen from minor scratches. It all though it looks more feminine, it’s designed as unisex, for the love bright colors.

Also Black, Blue, Green, Pink, and Purple are available.

Why Do I Need To Get One?

It makes perfect sense when one buys a Kindle Fire HDX 7 or kindle fire HD (a few hundred investment) to make a point of purchasing not just a device cover, but the top Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Cover. Well, the reasons why you should get one of the Best Cover for your Kindle Fire HDX 7″ is that

  • Its strong and durable
  • Improve portability when on move
  • Its Flexible with hands free ,to viewing position
  • Protect your device from dust and scratches and ensure prolong device life.
  • The cases also define your lifestyle an character
  • The covers bring some glamour it to one’s lifestyle
  • It comes with variety of colors for ones taste
  • It is pocket friendly

What to Consider When Buying One?

When buying Kindle Fire HDX 7 Cover one should consider the following:
  • Model and size of Kindle Fire HDX device they intend to buy, since some of the different cases are custom made for a particular model though some are multipurpose.
  • The color of the Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Cover
  • The various positions the hands free viewing case can be adjusted to.
  • The cost of the Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Cover various from one case to another.

The cost of the Best Quality Kindle Fire HDX 7 inch Covers cove with a free shipping offer which you will not get anywhere else. Note that for every Kindle Fire HDX or Kindle fire HD model you buy, there is a preferable optional case/cover for it, so don’t just buy any cover buy the Top Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Case.

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