Best 2014 iPad Mini 3 Cases and Covers Review

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Apple has impressed the world yet again with its release of the iPad mini 3, a portable iPad that has all the features you could want in a tablet. The new tablet has some great features, such as touch ID, that anyone should take into account with their new cover. The iPad mini 3 is a powerful an expensive device, this means that it should be taken care of properly. One of the best ways to take care of your device is to put a cover on it (If you liked it then you should have put a cover on it…) A good cover will protect your device from scratches, scrapes, and in some cases water damage. It will also be more likely to save it in the case of a drop. Here are some of the best iPad mini 3 covers that you can buy. Keep in mind that a little investment now could save you a lot of money in the future.

What is an iPad mini 3 Case?

An iPad mini 3 case is simply a protective case that you put over your iPad. These cases can serve many different purposes. It can protect your iPad, but it can also make more features of your iPad accessible. For example, with the new touch ID that Apple has incorporated into the mini 3, you will want a case that allows for the touch ID to be easily accessed. This is why it’s important to buy the correct case for your iPad.

If you are going to invest all that money into a device, you are going to want to make sure that the case optimizes its use. Different cases can do a variety of different things. The purpose of this article is to point you in the right direction when it comes to getting a new case for your iPad mini 3. Also, be on the lookout for sales so you can get an iPad mini case discount.

To purchase the correct case, it pays to do your homework. Here is a brief look at some of the most popular cases:

(Our Best-Seller) i-Blason Apple iPad Mini 3 Casewith Bonus Stylus and 3 Year Warranty

The i-Blason is one of the best mini protection cases on the market. The case offers a high quality leather that has a great touch and feel. Some of the best aspects of the case are the bonuses that come with it. The case features a built-in elastic strap that makes for easy handling and carrying.

Furthermore, the case has a stylus and a place to store your credit cards. You also don’t have to worry about the i-Blason getting beat up. Every purchase of the case comes with a 3 year warranty that makes sure your case is protected.

Ionic Rotating Designer Leather with stand

This is another case that has a unique and functional design. There are plenty of things that you will be using your iPad mini for. Having the ability to put it standing up is very handy. This can be a lifesaver for presentations and other business related activities. The case is leather and also features the “pebble-grain” leather design, which helps you to keep your grip. The base color is black, which is the only color to choose from at this time. If color isn’t important to you, this would be a great selection.

Check it out before it runs out of stock!

KHOMO DUAL Black Super Slim Cover with Rubberized back and Smart Feature for Mini 3

If you are interested in a cover that has 11 different colors to choose from, the KHOMO DUEL should be on the short list of covers. But color is not the only feature that should draw you to this iPad cover. It has some great features such as a fully functional sleep/wake feature. It also has multiple angles setups from which you can view your iPad. This is a fun and functional option for your iPad.

You have many colors to choose from.

INVELLOP Black Leatherette Case Cover

The INVELLOP case has many different colors to choose from as well. It also comes with magnetic strips built into the case for easy opening and closing. You will find that this price is slightly lower than the other cases that we have looked at. But, this does not mean that the quality is lower. The sleep wake feature is a very nifty addition that this case brings to the table. This just means that your iPad wakes up each time you flip open your case. There is no more need to hassle with buttons. The entire case is very high quality and a great price for the money. It also double as a iPad mini 3 keyboard case.

Spigen Air Cushioned Protective Case with Dual Layer

This Spigen case is the ultimate in iPad protection. It features air cushioned pockets that will give your iPad a great chance of surviving a fall. This case is reminiscent of a turtle shell. It does not have some of the other features that these cases have, but it will do a better job protecting your iPad from a drop.

When choosing a case like this, you are deciding to go with protection over features. It’s all about what you are looking for in an iPad case. This is simply one of the best iPad mini 3 covers for protection.

Ultraproof Waterproof Case for Mini-3

The Ultraproof has a feature that is unique among the other cases that have been reviewed – it is waterproof. This case is truly designed to keep out all the elements, from sand to water. If you travel often, or to remote locations, then this could be the perfect case companion for your mini. Ultraproof backs up its commitment to quality by offering a lifetime warranty on the case.

This means that you will have your case for as long as you have your mini, and possibly much longer. If you need a durable case to stand up to the elements, this is the case for you.

MoKo Apple iPad Slim-Fit Cover Case for Mini3

The MoKo iPad Slim-Fit has the most colors out of any case that has been reviewed thus far. If you enjoy customizing your Apple products, this case will give you some great unique looks. This case features a hard shell in a soft cover. The pattern on the case is similar to carbon fiber, but this is mostly for visual appeal.

This case is one of the cheapest of the review thus far. You can find it on Amazon for just under $13, making it a real steal. The interior of the case also features microfiber padding, making sure that you screen and device are well cared for.

Spigen iPad Mini 3 Case – Magnetic Strip, Ultra Thin, Crystal Clear Hard Case

If you enjoy the look of your iPad but still want the protection of a case, then the ULTRA THIN AIR Crystal case is a great choice. The case is completely clear, so you can show off your new mini whenever you want to. This case is hard as well, helping to protect from drops and other mishaps with your iPad.

You will find that this case preserves the look of your device while protecting it.

It is also lightweight, making it less intrusive than other cases on the market.

Why Do I Need To Get One?

  • To protect your investment

You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on a new iPad, why would you not protect it?

  • Style

Look and customize your iPad any way that you want it. Your iPad should be unique as you are.

  • Resale value

If you keep your iPad in a case, you actually greatly increase the resale value of your device. It turns out this is a great investment.

  • Features

A good case will make your iPad easier to use, unlocking its full potential.

  • Convenience

With a good case, it has never been easier to pick up your iPad and go wherever you want.

What to Consider When Buying a iPad Case?

  • Price

You want a case that is within your price range. Keep in mind that a cheaper case generally does have less features.

  • Design

The design of your case is important. You want a case that you find aesthetically appealing. You should enjoy looking at your case.

  • Protection Features

If you go out in the water often, make sure to get a waterproof case. If you are clumsy and prone to dropping your device, be sure that your case will protect it.

  • Other Features

Is your case compatible with your mini? Does it have the wake/sleep feature? There are plenty of things to consider when you get your case. Buy a case that matches the features your like.

  • Warranty

If the company offers a warranty on your case, that’s all the better. If you can find a case that has a warranty, this is just an added bonus.

FAQ: Our Customer Questions

Q: Is it worth it to buy a case for my iPad mini 3?

A: Yes, almost always. There are many ways a case helps to recoup the value.

Q: What if people judge me for my outlandish case design?

A: Just be cool with it. People will respect you if you are proud of your case.

Q: Is buying an expensive case really better?

A: Not always, it just depends on what features you want with your case. More expensive does not always equal better.

Customer Review: How did they think

Most people have found that buying a case was the right choice. Some of the reviews include things like, “This case has saved my iPad more than once” or “I like how the case make my iPad more customized.” Generally people find the experience of getting a new case to be a very enjoyable and worthwhile one. The only way to know is to give it a shot yourself. The reviews have been strong when it comes to cases. This should be more than enough reason to check one out for yourself.

Overall, buying a case is an important part of the Apple experience. There are so many reasons to buy a case. If you are not convinced, then you are missing the big picture. A proper case is all about investing and protecting now so you can continue to enjoy your device in the future. The top iPad mini 3 covers are the ones that add enjoyment and functionality to your device. It’s time to check out a cover for yourself. You will be surprised at all the great new aspects of your iPad 3 mini that you will get to enjoy!

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