Top Apple iPad AIR 2 (2014) Cases and Covers: Best-selling Covers Reviewed, Plus Buying Tips, Special Features & More!

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The release date of the iPad Air 2 (the latest model for 2014) is just around the corner, and for all you gadget freaks, this is another opportunity for you to splurge on the latest high-end Apple device in the super popular AIR series. But what’s an iPad without an iPad cover?  A cover protects your iPad from everything from minor scratches to dropping it off of your roof (seriously–what are you doing on the roof?  Get down from there.) and keeps your investment in good condition for years to come.

As expected, Apple has unveiled its brilliant new tablet – the eagerly-awaited iPad Air 2 at a press event. The iPad Air 2 is a whopping 18% thinner than its predecessor, and also comes with a few changes to its sleek body design, such as dual microphones, so all the covers and cases made for earlier generation iPads won’t fit this swanky new Apple offering.  The company has already unveiled its Smart Case (which costs around $80) for the iPad Air 2 tablet; but the previous-generation iPad Air 1 Smart Cover (which would cost you $40) still fits the second generation device.

As such, that brand new precision-engineered aluminum bodywork has a much greater chance of being scratched and scraped, so be responsible and protect it with one of these cases that we’ve taken the time to review for you, and since they are the best iPad Air 2 covers and protectors currently available, you are sure to be prepared with a snappy cover for a safe and scratch-proof tablet.

The Best Selling iPad Air 2 Covers & Cases in The Market – Reviewed for You

These are, in our humble expert opinion, the best-pick iPad Air-2 cases on the market today:

i-Blason Auto-Wake/Sleep Leather Case

The synthetic leather case has a dual typing and viewing design for maximum comfort, and apart from the automated wake/sleep function, it also has an enclosed id/credit card holder slot. For on-the-go security, this cover has an elastic hand wrap as well.

It comes in several colors and patterns, and can be customized with vivid color preferences. You can’t beat the Bonus Style and 3 Year Warranty.

Available inBlue, Purple, Zebra, and Dalmatian and Pink.

INVELLOP Premium Leatherette Case for 2014 Air 2.

Available at most online stores, including Amazon, which provides an iPad Air Cover discount, this cover is specifically designed for the latest iPad Air 2. With a built-in magnetic strip that is designed to help you achieve a secure closure of the cover, and an automated sleep/awake function, this lovely cover is a smart purchase.

This smart flip cover serves a dual function – it can transform itself into a horizontal standing position, making it easy for you to type and swipe on your new iPad.

Poetic Apple iPad Air 2 Case [Slimline Series]

This smooth case made of PU leather and comes with an automated sleep/wake function and a secure closure. It has a polycarbonate back shell, which helps in protecting your iPad securely, and has perfectly placed cutouts for the many jacks and buttons on the iPad. It is available in a variety of beautiful colors so you can customize your iPad according to your liking – perfect fit and bright colors – win-win!

SUPCASE Heavy Duty Air 2 Impact Resistant Bumper

Extremely easy to install with a snap-on design, this case provides dual protection to the iPad as it has two protective layers, one made up of a polycarbonate hard shell and the other a flexible TPU.  This combined-layer protection means that your iPad is safe from accidental drops, bumps and shocks.

The front cover, which has a built-in screen protector, prevents scratches and doesn’t compromise the screen sensitivity of your i-tablet. Available in multiple color options, it has a unique sporty design which is quite pleasing and lends a unique appeal to this cool cover.

Belkin Slim Style Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2

This is one of the best iPad AIR 2 keyboard cases on the market today.  The Bluetooth enabled keyboard case features a protective cover with a wireless keyboard for a comfortable typing experience. The keys on the keyboard are well spaced and help you type with ease.

AutoWake magnets wake your tablet up immediately when the cover is opened. Durable, sleek and functional, this cover is an affordable option for the protection of your iPad.  If you type emails or use your device for writing documents or memos, this case will be suitable for all your protection and usage needs.

Snugg iPad Air 2 Case in Black Leather

This PU leather case for for your iPad AIR 2 has an automated wake/sleep function and a convenient elastic hand strap for ease of transport. It features cutouts for the camera, jacks and buttons and is available in an amazing array of colors so you can personalize it with your own unique sense of style.

Poetic Apple Vegan Leather Cover Case

For all the vegans out there, this is an ideal cover for your Air 2, which not only looks like the real deal, but it also doesn’t force  you to compromise your ideals. Super slim and sleek, lightweight and available in a variety of colors…Vegan friends, what are you waiting for?

We highly recommend this sleek design for your iPad Air.

KHOMO DUAL Super Slim Purple Cover

Not only does this cover make your iPad Air 2 look like a million bucks, it is very convenient to use with all the buttons, ports and jacks accessible without having to remove the cover. It also has a fully functioning sleep/wake feature.

It is light-weight and does not add any bulk to your iPad – just loads of style.

iPad Air 2 Cover: Why Get a Case for Your New iPad Air Two 2014?

There are many benefits to having an IPad Air 2 cover:

  • As mentioned earlier, an IPad cover helps it fight off scratches on the screen and keep it safe.
  • It will help to keep your tablet clean and looking like new for years to come.
  • i-Pad covers provide protection to the back of your iPad, and have anti-slip properties that restrict drops and accidents.
  • Though any of the myriad of covers available on the market do add a little bulk to your iPad, at the end of the day, even if your cool new Apple device ends up slipping and falling to the ground, it won’t sustain too much damage – thanks to its protective, soft cover.

What to Look for in an i-Pad Air 2 Cover.

Here are some points that you need to keep in mind when buying an iPad cover:

• Keep the model of your iPad in mind when buying a cover, as the cover of the first generation IPad Air model will not fit the latest one.
• Make sure that the smart cover you plan on buying has cutouts for the speaker and dock connector or lightning port, front and back cameras, and of course – for all the buttons and switches.
• An anti-slip back is a useful feature that can keep your IPad Air 2 device standing upright, meaning that it can be used like a mini laptop.
• The case must cover your IPad’s corners and also protect its edges from scrapes while also defending the shiny metallic bits, which could be scratched by abrasive surfaces.
• It should come with a front cover which reliably triggers the sleep/wake function, but must not shift around, and randomly wake the iPad when the device is closed.
• The whole case unit should fold into a stable stand, in both upright viewing as well as flat-angled typing positions.
• The most important thing to keep in mind when IPad Air 2 cover shopping is that the right cover will be unobtrusive. It should add little to no weight, always stay closed when not in use, and should be relatively easy to hold with one hand as you tap and swipe with your other.

The Yays and Nays – Special Features of IPad Air 2 Covers

• Shelling out: You can dish out as little as $5 and as much as $50 to get an IPad Air 2 cover for a superbly reasonable price, what with Amazon providing cool iPad AIR cover discounts on all the covers.
• Features: Remember a flip cover is always better than a back cover, as it protects the screen as well as the back of the device. A flip stand, as well as properly placed cutouts for the cameras, jacks and buttons are essential features.
• Material: PU leather is the most desirable and reasonably priced material for your iPad Air 2 cases and covers.  Though not too expensive, it does give a certain elegance and sophistication to the tablet itself.
• Colors and Patterns: Most of these covers are available in various colors and intriguing, eye-catching patterns that allow you to personalize your tablet with your own unique style.

Asked and Answered – The FAQ

• How do I know if the cover I want to purchase will fit my iPad Air 2 or not?

If you have paid attention to our reviews then you will find that we have answered the majority of your questions regarding a cover purchase for your new device.  If by chance there is a question that we didn’t answer, post it in the comments section below and we will do our best to find the answer for you.


The Customer is Always Right – Customer Summary for our best selection i-Pad Air-2 Cases

For all the latest i-Pad users, these covers are nothing short of funky magic! People are impressed with the construction quality, superb fit and variety of materials used in production of these beautiful protective covers. For Apple lovers with buttery fingers, these covers are a must, because even if you end up dropping your new Air 2, you won’t be left feeling guilty or worrying about the damage that it might have sustained in the small fall, as most of the cases are made with a thick, protective casing.

These brilliantly-developed and cleverly-crafted covers also contain the essential auto wake/sleep feature, which helps in assisting your iPad tablet in getting to and from the waking/sleeping up mode easily, saving battery when the covers are closed. Most of these covers also come with a limited warranty which certainly goes down well with its customers. And don’t forget all of the amazing colors and stunning patterns available on the market for these covers, which make for a stylish and sophisticated look for your Apple Tablet.

Final Verdict

The Apple iPad cases have received rave reviews and if you do plan on buying an Apple Pad Tablet, then a cover is a necessity for protecting your investment. These cases are made up of high quality materials, with most of them not having a bulky look or feel at all; and as there is so much of variation in the pricing, you are certain to find one that meets your needs.

For the Apple enthusiasts out there (and no, we don’t mean the eating kind, although we ourselves are quite partial to a good Honey Crisp), this list of the best iPad Air-2 cases should be read thoroughly and bookmarked. You can select the cover according to your needs and specifications, and keep enjoying your sleek new iPad device, without having to worry about it falling and sustaining any harm.  And stay off the roof.  Because really.  No case is going to protect your device from roof diving.

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