Protect Your Investment: Top Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Cases and Covers for 2014

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“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss something.”   Technology, for instance.  Take the tablet.  Tablets have become a fixture in schools, offices, and pretty much anywhere else that you find…people. Just as equipment and other technology tools are considered an investment, so is the tablet. One of the most recent releases is the Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet 10.1. Whether you are looking for entertainment, a business asset or an easy way to carry all of your books and documents in one spot, the Galaxy Note 10.1 is sure to meet your needs.  And if you’re going to buy the tablet, you need to protect it, right?  The best Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 cover is one that is compatible with your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

What is a Galaxy Note Tablet 10.1 case?

A Galaxy Note 10.1 case is a tablet cover uniquely and specifically designed to fit the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Note.  Shocking, no?  It is constructed in such a way that its design satisfies all the individual requirements of the Galaxy 10.1 such as spacing for the input-output ports. A tablet case not only holds the tablet, but also offers protection from scratching, drops and breakage among other risks.

Top covers for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Table cases and covers differ in design, size, color, weight and construction material. Here are some of the best Galaxy Note 2014 covers for your device.

Fintie Samsung Galaxy 10.1 2014 Edition Ultra Slim Case (Our Best-Seller)

The Fintie is designed with a magnetic system that makes for an easy and convenient closure, as well as providing a convenient wake and sleep alert. The cover is lightweight with a sleek design made from synthetic leather to ensure that your device is well protected. The interior of the case is made of soft microfiber that is completely scratch resistant. It should be noted that this cover is a single piece and cannot be separated.

Samsung Galaxy Note Book Cover

For a Samsung tablet, there must be a Samsung cover to match the model. This cover also known as the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 ed. book cover is a light weight case that offers a precise fit to Note 10.1.

MoKo Samsung Galaxy Note Case

The MoKo case has a wake/sleep feature that initiate the sleep mode when the flap is closed and wakes your device when the flap is opened. The cover is made of synthetic leather on the exterior and microfiber inside to ensure maximum protection and includes a stand for preferred typing and viewing angle. This case comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

ProCase Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Cover

This cover is solely compatible with Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition. It has a synthetic leather exterior with a soft anti-scratch interior for maximum protection. The cover has a wake/sleep feature synchronized with the opening and closing of the unit. It also features proper alignment of cut-outs including space for the stylus pen and comes with an extra stylus pen. It has an elastic hand strap to offer added support when using the device.

Supcase Samsung Galaxy Note Case

The Supercase fits the Note Tablet with perfect precision. The case features a synthetic leather exterior with a micro suede interior for maximum scratch resistance. This cover allows for typing and viewing angle adjustments and features a hand strap for easy portability.

Fintie Vegan 360 Degree Rotating Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Case

The Vegan 360 Degree Rotating is a very versatile cover. It features two portrait and two landscape viewing positions for maximum viewing experience, as well as sensitive magnetic technology that puts your device to sleep when the cover is closed and wakes it immediately when you open it. The cover comes with an anti-scratch interior for maximum device protection.

Poetic Slimline Galaxy Note 10.1 Cover

As suggested by the name, this cover is uniquely slim and lightweight. The convenient folder design allows for screen protection when the flap is closed and features a scratch and dust resistant interior. The cover uses magnets to enable the sleep and wake functions of the tablet and provides buffer benefits due to the synthetic leather construction.

NEWSTYLE Note 10.1-inch 2014 Edition Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard Portfolio Case

Newstyle is a leather keyboard case that gives the feel of having a laptop.  Designed for the Note 10.1, it has wireless capabilities that are active with up to 10m difference between the case and the tablet. The leather stand allows for both vertical and landscape screen positioning as well as optimum protection due to the anti-scratch interior. For more appeal, the cover is designed to be lightweight for easy portability.

SUPERNIGHT Note 10.1 (2014) Bluetooth Keyboard Case Cover

The supernight case features a detachable bluetooth keyboard. This leather cover offers flexibility and allows users to have freedom over the angle of inclination. The cover runs on a rechargable lithium battery. The cover is not only compatible with the Galaxy Note 10.1. but also with the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1”.

Uses of a Galaxy Note cover and Why you Need One?

The Note 10.1 case can be used for a variety of purposes. The first and by far the most important purpose to acquiring a tablet cover is to protect your device from damage. The Galaxy Note is susceptible to damage through scratching and chipping. Although the back cover protects the inside of the device, the screen is left vulnerable. This creates a need for the case.

The Samsung Galaxy Note cover offers the user a firm grip on the tablet.

In addition to the above reasons for owning a cover, an added advantage is the comfort that the case offers the tablet. As opposed to just dropping the tablet into your bag or briefcase, the Galaxy Note case is a more conducive carrier offering more comfort and gentle handling.

Moreover, a Samsung Galaxy Note cover offers a touch of fashion to this technical device. With a wide range of products to choose from, you are certain to find a case that fits your personal style.

Factors to consider when purchasing a cover for your Note Tablet


Samsung Galaxy Note covers vary in price depending on the features that are included. With a wide range of features and prices, you are sure to find the one that best suits your needs and budget.


Due to the many different covers in the market today, there is also a wide range of differences moving from one cover to the next.  While many of the basic feature are the same, other features differ depending on the device for which the cover is being purchased. In the case of the 10.1, you would want to ensure that your preferred case has sufficient cut-outs for easy access of ports and other features such as the camera and the navigation buttons. Note that in most cases, the prices are proportional to the features you get.

Construction material

The types of materials used to make the covers vary greatly. If you intend to give your device optimum protection, then you should consider a material with buffer abilities. This will protect your device against any impact either due to a fall or a bump on another surface. Synthetic leather, silicon and neoprene are some of the most common construction materials.


When considering the design, you should be concerned about the color, the pattern and the cut-out alignments. The color and the pattern are based on personal preference, however the cutouts should be perfectly aligned with their respective locations on the device in order to ensure that the buttons and ports do not fall under the cover.

What are some of the Customer FAQs?

Q. Does the cover have proper cut-out alignment?

Yes. All covers designed specifically for the Note 10.1 2014 have perfectly aligned cut-outs.

Q. Does this Galaxy Note cover serve other models as well?

There are a variety of Galaxy Note 10.1 covers that are also compatible with other devices such as the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1”.

Q. Does the cover offer a variety of typing and viewing angles?

Some covers are known to have multi-angle adjustments while other have only one viewing position.

What do the customers say about this cover?

Most customers cite the perfect fit that many of the Galaxy Note 10.1 covers offer. Customers were also appreciative of the fact that some of the covers could be used by other tablets other than the Galaxy Note 10.1. This means that the users could change to a different tablet model within the required range without having to buy a new case each time. Although many of the covers do not offer numerous viewing positions, this was not a prime concern for most reviewers. The most frequent complaint was that some of the covers obstruct the camera lens.

Wrapping it up.

There are a variety of cases out there that can serve as a cover for your new Galaxy tablet. The choice depends on your personal preferences. The best Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 cover is one that meets all your individual requirements as well as fitting perfectly onto your Note. As an added incentive, Galaxy 10.1 cover discounts are available at the Amazon online store.

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