Top Seller Fire HD 6 (4 Generation – 2014) Cases and Covers

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The Kindle Fire HD 6″ cover is a slim, form-fitting case designed to perfectly fit your Fire 6 Tablet and provide complete front and back protection. The covers are easy to attach and remove, with a magnetic closure that ensures the secure closure of the cover. The innovative cover puts your tablet to sleep when it is closed, and wakes it up immediately when you open it. The Fire HD 6 Cover will preserve battery life and make it easy to browse apps, games and movies.

Standing Protective Case for Fire HD 6 (4th Gen)(Our Best Seller)

This case is designed by Amazon to perfectly fit your Fire HD 6, 4th Gen. It is easy to use and can stand easily by folding into landscape and portrait orientation for hands-free viewing.

The cover is designed in vibrant polyurethane with an interior of microfiber for the protection of the screen. The cover will keep the screen clean by keeping all stains, dirt and dust away. It weighs just 3.8 ounces and measures 6.8 x 4.2 x 0.6 inches.

The Fire 6″ case is available in several colors, including: Black, Cobalt, ]Magenta Pink, Citron Yellow, andPurple.

Free-Time Kid-Proof Case for Fire HD 6 in three Colors

The Free Time Kid-Proof Case is designed by Amazon for the Fire Tablet and comes in three different colors, including Blue, Greenand Pink. It is a kid-friendly cover, and its special design makes it easy for little hands to handle.

The Kid-Proof case provides excellent protection against bumps and drops.  It’s lightweight, durable BPA-free material is safe for children.  After purchasing this case you can comfortably hand your tablet to your children and not have to worry.

MarBlue SlimTech Case for Fire 6″ tablet in Four Colors

MarBlue SlimTech Cover is tailed made for Fire HD.  It can be positioned horizontally for  hands-free viewing. The interior of the cover is designed with a high quality microfiber; therefore it provides complete protection for your screen against scuffs and scratches.

It features a hard, impact-resistant polycarbonate shell for the complete protection of the tablet. Dimensions: 6.8 x 4.3 x 0.6 inches. Weight: 2.6 ounces.

It is available in four different colors, including Black,Red,Purple and Blue.

MarBlue Atlas Case for Fire 6 HD

The MarBlue Atlas cover is specially designed for the HD 6 tablet. The interior is constructed of high quality microfiber for the complete protection of the screen against scuffs and scratches. It is available in four colors, including Black, Blue, Red, and Purple. The Fire HD fits snugly in the case with elastic straps and microfiber top panel cradle. Dimensions:  7 x 4.7 x 0.5 inches.  Weight: 2.7 ounces


Why Do I Need a Case for my new Fire 6 inch tablet?

• Your tablet is an investment to be protected.
• The case will secure your device from scraps, bumps, and drops.
• Battery life is enhanced with the exclusive sleep/wake system.

What Should I Consider When Buying a Case?

Our recommendation is the Best HD 6 case, as it is specifically designed for the Fire tablet 4th gen and can protect your tablet from scratches, dust and the elements. It is important to consider following points while selecting a cover:
• Consider the model and the size of your tablet before selecting your case (Always get the right model matching one).
• If you are selecting a cover for children, make sure to choose a lightweight and easy to handle cover.
• The cases are available in several colors, allowing you to choose your favorite one.
• Choose lightweight cover with automatic wake and sleep features on opening and closing the case.
• Do not forget to check a built-in stand, because it will enable you to enjoy hands-free viewing of movies, music and games.

Common Customer FAQ

Is there any case designed specifically for children?

The Free Time Kid-Proof Case for Fire HD 6 (our #2) is lightweight and features child-friendly design.

Q: I am worried about the screen of my Fire HD tablet, Can I protect it?

Yes, many HD 6 covers feature microfiber interior to protect the screen of your tablet from scratches and bumps.

Q: Is there any discount offer for the purchase of Fire HD tablet cover?

Yes, Fire HD Six inch Cover Discount is offered on various occasions for the convenience of customers. Click the discount links or Cover images on this post.

Customer Review Summary

Several customers give it five stars, because they found it perfect for the protection of the Fire 6″ tablet. Its lightweight and sleek design receive high marks. It is perfect for Amazon Fire HD Six tablets, and available in several attractive colors.


The Best Cover for Fire HD 6 is designed to be lightweight and attractive protection for your Fire HD tablet. It features a microfiber interior to protect the screen of the tablet from scratches and sudden bumps, and the elastic straps ensure the security of the tablet in the cover. It preserves battery life, and the built-in standing function enables you to enjoy hands-free viewing of movies and TV programs.

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