Best Fire Covers and Cases (7th Gen 2017) and 2015: Protect Your Fire Tablet

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As technology evolves, more and more gadgets are introduced to the marketplace, which makes it difficult to decide which ones are worth acquiring, leaving one wondering what does a tablet give that I don’t already get out of my computer or smart phone. At first; one does not see why you would need a tablet. But after observing the features that comes with this Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa with 8 GB Storage

A combination of shape, style, power and design make the tablet for the perfect computer in a number of everyday situations consumers have nothing much left but to get this tablet.

Best Fire Tablet Covers and Cases

This tablet comes in handy with a fire cover discount that includes a fire tablet case and a fire keyboard case. The fire tablet case are designed to perfectly fit the fire tablet and provide full front and back protection to absorb damage and prevent your tablet from getting damaged. Tablet covers have many different purposes, during the usage of a tablet; your device is exposed to many different dangers.

The thin glass screen on the tablet devices is not made for absorbing heavy impacts. A scratch on the screen can make it difficult to use your device. The Fire cover protects the tablet from scratches, dust, and it shows off your style from a wide range of designs, colors and materials, as well as choices to fit the way you use and transport your fire tablet.

How’s a 2017 Model Cover different from 2015-Model one?

You can see how 2017 model is different from Fire 2015 model below. The volume button and stereo jack are in opposite places on the new model, which means if you don’t buy the right case certain buttons willbe obstructed. Make sure that you got the Right Cover:

Top Rated 2015 Fire Tablet Covers and Cases

Fintie Silicone Case for all-new Amazon Fire 7 Tablet (7th Generation, 2017 Release)

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Available in an array of colors that would delight any child, the real beauty of this case is how well it protects their tablet. The unique honeycomb design gives extra corner protection at the corners to withstand drops and also provides a better grip for them. Speaking of which, there’s also a side grip with an anti-slip feature for an added layer of protection.

DTTO Ultra Slim Cover Case for All-New Fire 7 Tablet (7th Gen, 2017 Release)

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Sleek and easy to hold, this case fits the Fire 7 to a tee. The soft PU leather feels comfortable in your hand and thanks to the anti-scratch design you’ll leave no fingerprints or smudges. More importantly, the air-cushion technology protects against bumps and small hits, enveloping it and absorbing the hit.

And if all that wasn’t enough, the magnetic closure ensures it won’t slide out when you carry it.

Poetic TurtleSkin Fire 7 2017 Rugged Case with Portable Tablet Stand

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Perfect for users young and old, this case provides a solid grip for kids, the elderly, or anyone else. Made of shock-absorbing silicone, the turtle shell design makes it durable yet light, improving and prolonging how long you use it.

Comes in a few colors for customization and the pop-out kickstand turns it to an instant viewer for watching movies and more.

Fintie Folio Case for All-New Amazon Fire 7 Tablet (2017 7th Generation)

If you want a polished, sturdy cover this one from Finite is my top choice. The flip style lets you change it to a viewer, so you can use it with a wireless keyboard or watch a movie without straining or needing to prop it up with something. And it comes in lots of different colors and patterns, so you can choose one to fit your personality. Also has a hardback for added protection and scratch-free inside materials.

Fintie Folio Case Slim Fit PU Leather (for 7th Gen 2017)

Featuring a one-of-a-kind design, this case is ideal for professionals or anyone looking to make a statement. The outside is smooth and comfortable and has a cool tree picture embossed on it, giving it a custom feel minus the price. There’s also a cushiony microfiber inside, protecting your tablet from scratches, along with a magnetic strip to automatically turn your tablet “on” or “off.”

Top Rated Fire 7 (2015 model – 5th Gen) Cases and Covers

Standing Slim Case for Fire Tablet 2015

The black leather standing tablet case is built to fit the fire powerful tablet with a built-in stand that allows you to watch videos or read at different angles. The case has a magnetic component that automatically puts the tablet to sleep when it is closed and wakes it upon opening well designed to protect your tablet. The black leather-standing tablet is fashionable, helps better express personality, and makes the tablet look even more luxurious.

Product Features

I picked this case up for two main reasons. I needed something to protect the tablet whilst being carried in a bag and something to protect the tablet if dropped. I have to say it works perfectly. My tablet is well protected especially the screen while it is in a bag and I have carelessly dropped the tablet on a few occasions with no damage at all.

MoKo Fire Kids Shock Proof Convertible Handle Cover (Best Fire Cover for Kids)

Moko Protective Stand Case is specifically designed to perfectly fit your device and has an elastic handle that keeps the case handy. It also comprises of Covertible Stand – standing for video watch or book reading.

It seems to fits the tablet like a glove and protects it better than any case I have seen because the cover seems to provide frontal coverage against daily wear and tear. When stationary, the lid can easily fold into a hands-free kickstand-viewing mode for media streaming or reading.

Poetic Turtle Skin Protective Silicone Case for Fire 7 (5th Gen 2015) Model

Potetic Sound-Amplification case is robust , lightweight, and specifically made to fit the tablet. The case is made of durable silicone that is Shock-Proof.

It’s a great Kids Friendly case with a lot of attractive bright color choice.

  • Corner/Bumper Protection
  • Tactile side Grip
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect Cut-out for 5th Gen 2015 Fire Tablet

This cover does the job and protects well. Overall, the cover offers enough protection. It is good looking and a strong cover with a nice elegant look and feel.

SUPCASE Heavy Duty Fire 7 Case (Solid Rock Protection)

SUPCASE Rugged Hybrid Protective Cover is designed to fit the tablet with its Ultra-thin, form-fitting design – hard shell and flexible TPU. Its Front cover with built-in screen protector protects screen from scratches and drops.

  • Specifically designed for the device
  • Ultra-thin, form-fitting design
  • Smooth screen protector protects the tablet screen

I like the appearance of the cover. The color is pretty and the case fits great. It is relatively easy to install and the solid shell has a cut out for the buttons, camera lens and speakers, which are positioned properly. It protects the tablet extremely well in sporty design.

Amazon FreeTime Kid-Proof Case

The free time kid proof case allows your child to take the tablet just about anywhere and safely use it to watch movies and play games as it is made from durable kid safe textile material. It protects the tablet on all edges, back and front. It is made for small hands making the device easier for small hands to grip.

  • Protect your tablet from drops, bumps, dirts and scratches.
  • Easier for small hands to grip
  • Made from Durable kid safe textile material

Perfect for a young boy. It is small; compact, easy to carry and not childish looking either. Keeps the tablet very well protected. I really would recommend this product to anyone. This is a perfect solution for parents who need worry-free protection against drops caused by kids at play. It is awesome for the kids that are rough on things since all button and ports are easily accessible to fingers both big and small.

Blue, Pink, Green, Orange, and Purple are available too.

Customer Common Questions

Q: Can you clean it?

A: Have not needed to clean it yet but I would assume if it did get a bit dirty then a damp cloth would do the job.

Q: Is it real leather?

A: For the leather, I think it is genuine leather. I like this case as it looks smart and gives added protection to my tablet while it is in my bag while I commute.

Q: will this fit my fire tablet perfectly?

A: Yes and all the power, usb, and audio outlets should be accessible with your cover.


Though desktop and laptop computers are still extremely popular, there are dozens of everyday situations where a smart phone or tablet is the best solution. For those who have been having doubts about investing in a fire HD 7 tablet now is a great time to get one. Having to carry a laptop gets to be inconvenient.

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