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The electronic market is inundated with a number of eBook readers, which is equally helpful and confusing to select the best eReader. An electronic reader or eReader is a device used for reading books, magazines, newspapers, and documents. A typical standalone eReader is coming with wireless connectivity, which helps the user to download content and engaging in other web-based activities.

Convenience is one of the major benefits of using these devices. The price of eBooks is very low and they are highly affordable. Versatility, portability, convenient storage, etc are a few other benefits of eReaders. Some of the popular eReaders are Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle 4 and Nook Touch.

How to Select the Best e-Reader?

A variety of eReaders are available in the market today. This will give you a chance to evaluate the features and designs of some of the best eReaders. While selecting an eReader, you must consider certain factors.


Some eReaders are coming with e-Ink technology, which is helpful for providing you a real book-reading feeling. Some LCD color screen eReaders make movies and images come to life. While some have touchscreen navigator, some are coming with button navigator. You must also consider the screen size and weight of eReader while selecting the best one. Impressive build, resolution, etc are the other determining factor while picking the best eReader.

Battery Life/Memory

The battery life of the reader you are planning to buy is also highly important. It is not good to run out of power before reaching the climax of a novel. Therefore, you should check the number of pages you can turn in a single charge.


There will be hundreds of thousands of files in some eReaders, while some others can support only a few files. Obviously, eReader with more file types is better.

You must also consider additional features such as number of grey scale levels, image formats, audio formats, internet surfing, email, apps, text-to-speech feature, etc while selecting an eReader.

Kindle Paperwhite

Priced at $119, Kindle Paperwhite is the best option for those who are not able to spend more money for buying an eReader. This is also loaded with lots of features, which include:

* e-Ink display with Backlight
* New sleek design
* Built in Wi-Fi
* Low book price
* Light and compact
* Simple to use touchscreen
* Read in bright sunlight
* Fast page turns
* Adjustable text sizes and a lot more.

Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire, introduced in 2011 September, is an ebook reader device of A Kindle owner can read all the seven Harry Potter books for free. Besides, there will be availability of 145,000 books.

Fire HD is the 3rd Gen Low-price Fire Tablet introduced in 2013. It’s the best value for the price (Lowest price point for the entry level Kindle Tablet.)


* Stunning color touchscreen
* Magazine rich color
* 100,000 movies and TV shows
* Simple and easy to use
* Dual-Core processor
* Thousands of apps and games
* Millions of books
* Ultra-fast web browsing
* Free color storage
* Extra durable display, etc.

If you are ready to pay about $130 for a color eReader and tablet, Kindle Fire HD is the best option for you.

Kindle Classic

Kindle 5 is coming without keyboard, which is the major feature of this eReader. You can operate it by simply using the buttons on the side. You can take this device anywhere because it will perfectly fit in your pocket.

Nook Touch

Nook Simple Touch allows you to read thousands of ebooks. 6-inch touchscreen display is one of the major features of Nook Touch. This is highly convenient for reading your favorite books. You can also search lots of material on the web because of its Wi-Fi connectivity. 2GB internal memory, storage space up to 1,000 books, etc are the other peculiarities of this eReader.


* Ultra portable
* Ultra thin
* Easy to use
* 6-inch touch screen
* Clean and crisp reading
* Availability of more than 2 million books, newspapers, and magazines
* Longest battery life

You can also select the best device by going carefully through the ereader reviews of customers.

How to Protect and personalize eReaders?

The popularity of eReaders is increasing day by day. You can enhance the pleasure of your reading by using lots of amazing accessories for your eReader. This is also helpful for taking good care of this device. Countless eReader accessories are available in the market today. eBook Reader reviews and some reviews related to ereader accessories will help you to buy the best accessories for your ereader. Some accessories, which protect this device from damages, are covers, jackets, cases, sleeves, protective skins, earplugs, power adapters, reading lights, etc. If you want to make your own sense and style on your eReader, personalization is the best option. Artistic covers are not just covers, but it is helpful for expressing your style.

Careful evaluation of ereader reviews is inevitable for selecting the best e-Reader for your needs.

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