The Best Apple iPad 9.7 (2017) Cases and Covers for Every Unique Individual

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Technology supports so much of our day that it is sometimes hard to imagine what our lives would be like without it. One of the most powerful and useful pieces of technology is the iPad. We use it to watch tv, take notes, plan our day, entertain our kids, play games, answer work e-mails, and connect with loved ones.

Best Apple iPad 9.7 Covers and Cases

To get the most out of your iPad, let’s start with the basics by protecting it. One of the most common iPads is the 9.7 2017, so let us explain why the best iPad 9.7 2017 covers and cases are an investment. Not only will these covers make use easier, they will protect the all the valuable information you have been sbering on your tablet.

The Reviews Are In: The Best iPad 9.7 2017 Covers

There are plenty of iPad covers offering tons of key features for every user. Some iPad cases may appear to have similar features but have an additional key feature, price difference, or discount that can make a difference.

The ESR Case

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This case attaches easily to the edge of your iPad with a light trifold option. The light cover allows your tablet to maintain its easily mobile nature. While the trifold option makes it easy to close, open, and convert into a stand for watching your favorite tv show or following a presentation. The microfiber lining ensures your screen does not encounter any scratches or harm. While the auto sleep and wake function make sure your iPad is only awake when in use. Lastly, this simple case comes in 10 colors.

The Supcase

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Maybe you frequently take your iPad to work at a construction site? Or maybe you have a toddler with a knack for dropping expensive things? A Supcase may be appealing to you. This case is a heavy duty full body rugged protective case with a built-in screen protector. This means complete protection from many elements that may compromise your tablet.

The Spigen Tough Armor Case

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Have you dropped your iPad or devices maybe one too many times? This iPad case may be perfect for you. The slim and lightweight design ensures you will continue to have that classic easy carry feel. While the dual layer technology and air cushion technology on all corners will keep your iPad safe from even the scariest of drops.

The Fintie Case

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This case is multifunction and offers plenty of features and customizations. It offers pockets to store any important documents you may come by. When it comes to material, your iPad will be protected by a durable synthetic leather exterior and soft microfiber leather. The case offers a snug, lightweight fit. This case is offered in an outstanding 42 colors and patterns!

The Ztotop Case

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As we have talked about numerous times, many of us use our iPads for our daily office work. If you work in a more corporate setting this iPad cover will bring a sleek and sharp look to any meeting. The case also includes a built-in leather hand strap, pencil holder, and an organizer pocket for documents. It is made from premium synthetic leather and soft microfiber lining the inside, offered in 7 different color combinations.

The PPSHA Case

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This heavy-duty iPad cover provides high impact drop proof armor to ensure complete protection. Unlike some other iPad covers, this casing may feel a bit softer to the touch, but offering the same complete protection. The exterior is composed of a durable plastic material while also maintaining the lightweight design of the iPad. Different from most, it comes with a small kickstand to prop your device on any flat surface.

The BMOUO Case

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This is the best iPad 9.7 2017 case for kids. The case is built to be shockproof, lightweight, and equipped with a handle for easy mobility. The handle easily turns into a stand for upright learning and fun. The case has been created from impact-resistant polycarbonate with double-thick silicone on the corners, protecting your device from many drops from little hands. Perfect for kids of all ages and comes in 7 fun colors.

Important Facbers to Consider When Buying iPad Cases

There are plenty of fantastic options to choose from, but finding an iPad case that is best for your lifestyle you should consider price, various features, materials, color, and patterns. We have compiled a list of questions and points to consider when making a decision that is best for you.


  • How important is the price to you? iPad cases can be as inexpensive as $15 and as expensive as $50. However, right now the iPad 9.7 2017 cover discount can help you make sure you get whatever case for a reasonable price.
  • What are you willing to sacrifice for a cheaper option? If ensuring you do not spend past your budget, you may have to sacrifice some features in order to make the cut.

iPad Features

  • Would you benefit from a document holder? If you often find yourself losing important papers or taping notes to your iPad, you may benefit from a document holder.
  • How often would you use an iPad stand? If you have never purchased an iPad cover before, you may have never considered the benefit if an iPad stand. The stand makes watching videos and writing notes much simpler


  • Do you often find yourself worrying about spills on your iPad? If your iPad is often around liquids a full protective case can benefit your iPad security.
  • Do you mind your iPad case getting dirty or having to clean it often? If your tech devices are more prone to being around spills and messes, consider a case that is made from plastic for easy cleaning.

Color and Pattern

  • Do you bring your iPad to the office? Is your office a more conservative office setting? Imagine sitting down to a meeting with potential clients with an iPad case covered in butterflies. This may not be the message you want to send. Unless your company works with bugs. Then there is an option for you as well.
  • Is personalization important to you? Plenty of features are catered to efficiency and easy use, but what about style? If this is important to you, put more emphasis on a case with unique color options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is this compatible with _(blank)_ iPad?

More often then not, the case is only compatible with the iPad 9.7 2017 model. However, there are some cases that do fit multiple iPads. Rather then take the risk, be sure to check the product description.

2. Does this case have openings for iPhone jacks, camera, and speakers?

Since these cases were made for the iPad 9.7 2017 the cases are designed to allow easy use for all iPad features. Some cases may cover the camera but allow easy revealing options, or have a rubber covering over a button. You should be able to use your iPad just as easily with or without the case.

3. Does this case include a keyboard?

No, none of the cases mentioned include a keyboard. However, some do allow space for a keyboard if you would like to purchase separately.

Customer Reviews>

When looking at some of the Amazon reviews of these products, the low scores were primarily due to user error. Either customer bought the wrong size or felt they did not like a bulky case as much as they thought. Aside from those issues, the majority of people loved their purchases and got exactly what they were hoping for.

The best iPad 9.7 2017 cases listed offer top quality ways to protect the devices you love the most. They assist us in so many ways, it is time we start investing in protecting them.

The Best Apple iPad 9.7 (2017) Cases and Covers for Every Unique Individual
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