Amazon Prime Benefits – How to Get Prime Trial for free

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If you’ve been on the fence about trying Amazon’s Prime service, now is a great time to give it a whirl. What are the Benefits of Amazon Prime? How to get Prime for free? Amazon is offering its Amazon Prime 30-day Trial free for users who’d like to try out the service. I subscribe to it myself and will give you the lowdown on it here.

What Is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a subscription service offered by online retail giant, Amazon. For a low yearly fee, subscribers are offered free, two day shipping or overnight shipping for a mere $3.99. Participants are also granted access to the streaming video service from Amazon Prime Instant Video as well as one free Kindle book to borrow from the Kindle Owners Lending Library.

Benefits of Amazon Prime and How to get it for Free?

While it’s true that Amazon has always offered free shipping on orders over $25.00, these orders subject shoppers to a 7 to 10 day wait to receive their purchases and it can often be difficult to achieve the minimum $25.00 total if you’re only ordering a few specific things.

If you do a lot of shopping with Amazon, as I do, this service pays for itself but with the streaming media and access to the Kindle Owners Lending Library it’s much more than a good idea, it’s a good bargain.


Amazon Prime is available for a low yearly fee of $79.00 $99. The following is a review of the services available to you when you subscribe to Amazon Prime:

Benefits of Amazon Prime

2-Day Free Shipping

I have saved a lot of time and shipping cost already. I covered the 2-Day free shipping option a bit early in this piece but there are a few other things to consider. As I stated above, Prime allows its subscribers free shipping on any order without having to meet the minimum amount of $25.00 however, this does not always cover affiliates or third party sellers. You will be relegated to their shipping costs and time frames.

All in all, I’ve found the savings I reap more than covers the cost of my yearly membership and with the Amazon Prime Free 30-day Trial; you aren’t losing anything to try the service out and decide for yourself.

The Bottom Line

If you’re a frequent online shopper like me, the savings in shipping alone will pay for the subscription; the other benefits are just the icing on the cake. We use all of the features of Amazon Prime daily in our home so for us, it’s a great buy.

Prime Instant Video

Prime Instant Video is the video streaming component of Amazon Prime. Subscribers can choose from over tens of thousands of movies streamed right to their computer, television (with modern gaming consoles), Kindle or with the aid of an app on their iOS devices. We stream Prime Instant video through our Wii on to our our home or the children watch it on their Kindles over WiFi.

Amazon Prime Instant Video Benefit

Like Netflix or Hulu Plus streaming services, you have access to thousands of titles of movies and full hit television shows like Downton Abbey or Justified. Unfortunately, you won’t have free streaming access to all of Amazon’s titles, any you don’t have access to are available to rent or purchase and can be instantly streamed to your device – you don’t get that option with Netflix or Hulu.

Prime Instant Video is very user friendly with easy to navigate menus and search options. Your home screen is beautiful and has slots for previously viewed videos as well as a “My Watch List” section where you can store the titles you’d like to check out. Another nice feature is the “New on Prime” section where new releases are shown and the “My Movies” section where all your previously purchased titles are stored.

Kindle Owners Lending Library

The Kindle Owners Lending Library is a great way to read current books without having to pay for them.
According to Amazon, there are over 350,000 books available to Prime subscribers to borrow including over 100 current New York Times’ best sellers. To find out if the book you’re looking for is available on Prime, simply search the title and if the Prime logo shows up, you can borrow it.

Kindle Owners Lending Library - Amazon Prime Benefit

There are some disadvantages to this; mainly it’s the length of time you need to wait for the next one. Prime allows you access a new tile every 30 days. Depending on how fast or slow you read (or how much free time you have), this can be an inconvenience. Finish the book too early and you have to wait until the 30 day time period is up to borrow another. If you don’t finish the book in the time period, that’s ok as there is no due date to return like your local public library.. Sometimes You also aren’t guaranteed the title you want will be available in the lenders library.

To recap Amazon Prime Benefits:

  • Free shipping on all orders without a minimum purchase amount
  • Two day shipping.
  • Low shipping cost of $3.99 for overnight shipping.
  • Access to over 45,000 hit movies and TV shows streamed to your television, computer or Kindle device.
  • Access to over 350,000 titles in the Kindle Owners Lending Library to borrow for free.

How to get amazon prime for free

It’s so nice to have Amazon Prime. Is there any free trial I can try out? Sure, Go and sign up the 30-day trial here. Simple sign up the trial with your credit card payment info.  You can even share 2-Day free shipping benefit with other family members in different address. If you are not happy with the service, no-hassle to just cancel the membership in your account setting.

If you aren’t such an online frequent shopper, you still have the other features of Prime to make this a sweet deal. Taking into consideration the benefits of Amazon Prime as the free video streaming, the Kindle Owners Lending Library on top of free shipping, it makes sense to sign up for the Amazon Prime 30-Day Trial and give it a go. Good luck and happy shopping!

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