Kindle Back to School Sale: A Perfect Device for Students of all Ages

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There are a couple of devices that are a must-have for students of all ages, such as the Kindle. Yes, this device is a fantastic tool for those individuals who are enrolled in a school, as it can allow them to read educational e-books, newspapers, blogs, magazines, and browse and download things on the Internet, via wireless networking, that will enrich their knowledge, which will be of great help in the ‘grade department.’ The great news for those people who are interested in attaining a Kindle is that Back-to-school Kindle Sale, right now, are better than ever!

Remember when you had to stuff your backpack with countless of heavy textbooks and storybooks and your back began to hurt after a while? Well, with a Kindle, you can avoid this matter from occurring to your child or teen, as it is a very light device that can store all of the information that those type of heavy school books contain.

The Kindle offers a lot of options for elementary, high school, or college students. They won’t only be able to read books but they will also be able to browse the Internet at any time, which is a great plus, as laptops can be very bulky and heavy to be carrying outside the home.

There countless of school Kindle deals and Kindle student discounts going on right now, so let’s analyze the different types of Kindle models that are in the market so that you can decide the one that is your best bet.

Kindle Paperwhite – The Best e-ink Reader

The second generation of Kindle Paperwhite contains Goodreads social integration, E Ink Carta display technology, 25% faster processors to allow pages to turn faster, improved LED illumination, no usage restrictions, better response to touch input, and many more one-of-a-kind features. This model is perfect for students who are always on the go and are always multitasking, as they’ll be able to browse through any book to find certain information in a matter of seconds.

Kindle Fire HD 7″

Ever since the Kindle Fire HD was first introduced to the public, it has received raving reviews all over the media. It has very unique features, which sets it apart from other electronic reading devices in the market. This high quality model can track your reading speed to let you know when you will finish a book or chapter and has a very fantastic feature by the name of FreeTime, which comes in handy for those parents who are interested in putting limits on its usage. This is perfect for kids who are always on the rush when it comes to finishing assignments, as this device can notify the time when they’ll be finished reading chapters, which can come in handy when one is on a tight schedule. And, since Kindle back to school deals are at their best this month, it would be a great move to buy one before they go back to their original prices.

Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Tablet

The Kindle Fire HDX 7”, which was released in 2013, has a ‘Mayday’ button so that you can obtain free tech support, a cloud-accelerated browser, and it has a ‘carousel’ that holds videos, music, documents, and books in easy-to-click files. The screen size of this Kindle model is 7″ (diagonal) in High resolution 1920×1200, which makes it ideal for reading documents, watching movies, and educational apps, perfect for study via a more compact device.

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ – Kindle Tablet

The Kindle HDX 8.9″ contains the same features as the Kindle Fire HDX 7”, but it is a better option for students who are always away from home and are constantly doing educational related activities in different places, as it has a 12 hour battery life. It has an 8.9″ screen size in Super High-Def 2560×1600. This Kindle model is definitely a better option for learning, as one can learn more efficiently with a bigger screen display (it is more eye-appealing) as Compelling as iPad but much lower cost.

Why Kindle is a Must-Have for Back to School?

Since it was released by Amazon in 2007, the Kindle device has taken the industry by storm. It has become popular because it offers a one-of-a-kind technology that cannot be easily duplicated. The Kindle contains great features, such as reading speed tracker, accelerated browser, quick tech support button, LED illumination and etc. More and more individuals around the globe are purchasing this device, as if they are opting to ditch their paperback books to avoid clutter. The sales for this device are augmenting at great numbers each year.

The Top 5 Reasons People are Purchasing Kindles, It is:
• a great learning device
• clutter-less
• light
• innovative
• affordable

For these five reasons, if your child or teen is about to start a new school year, a Kindle is one of those devices that shouldn’t be absent in his/her backpack.

Kindle Back to school Sale is everywhere, so if you opt to purchase one of these Kindle models, don’t forget to purchase a protection cover for it. Covers can protect your device from scratches and cracks if you accidentally drop it on the floor. There are different covers for each model like Kindle Paperwhite Cases and Fire HDX Covers, so pay attention to the details on the packaging of each cover before adding it to your cart.

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