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Not Just Another Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 Review: A Fair Appraisal Of Price & Performance In Tablet

Samsung has played a major role in bringing affordable tablet computing into an ever increasing number of households, doing it’s best to produce devices that are significantly more powerful than the cheapest, non-branded tablets, with only a slight difference in expense. Identifying a trend that Apple only caught up with recently, Samsung have realized that people – and families – have different expectations from their tablets according to how they intend to use them.

For example a single person may be happy with a smaller screen at a more affordable price (Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0) for reading, gaming and watching video; whereas a family who may be sharing the device together will be better suited to the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 thanks to it’s larger screen. This review is going to focus on the former and consider how the product weighs up not just according to it’s stand-alone specifications, but also as compared to it’s brother the 10.0 and, ultimately, how far the device offers true value for money.

Tab 4 Key Features & Factors To Consider

As should be expected Samsung have incorporated as much power as could be expected for a comparatively low priced tablet, thanks to their standing as one of the largest and most innovative developers in portable technology. However this doesn’t mean unfortunately that it’s chasing those leading the pack, if anything it is rather underpowered compared to the latest releases. But bear in mind it is around a third of the price – and is still overall a perfectly functional and capable device.


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Finding The Best Cover and Case For Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1

Now that you have you have purchased your Samsung Galaxy Tab Four 10.1, you must take steps to protect your investment and the best way to do so is with the purchase of the best Galaxy Tab 10.1 case you can find.

What Are Tablet Covers

Tablet covers prevent excess dirt and dust from touching the keyboard or screen of the tablet. In addition, a quality tablet cover will prevent the tablet from getting horribly damaged if it should be dropped. Lastly, it can also be considered a fashion accessory that can be changed to match your clothes or to suit your mood.

Best Cover for Samsung Galaxy 4 10.1
Buying a tablet cover is essential to keeping your tablet safe from harm and looking good. If you want to get a good deal, then taking the time to do some research is the best way to protect your device and your investment.

Keeping this in mind, all the tablet covers mentioned below are all quality made and are sure to provide your tablet with the protection that it needs. Instead, I will be pointing out the things that make them different from each other.

Note: Most of the following cases have an automatic sleep/wake feature, magnetic closure, Stylus holder, are available in a variety of colors, and are made of premium synthetic leather with a soft, micro-fiber scratch resistant interior.

Fintie Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 Folio Case – Slim Fit Premium Vegan Leather Cover

Cover flips to turn case into horizontal viewing standOpen interior pocket for easy insertion and Velcro flap to hold it in place.


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Amazon Raises Bar With New Android Smartphone Apps

Using Amazon Apps on Android telephones has revolutionized the marketing of products through smart phones. Now the bar has been raised even higher.

With the apps now being offered by Amazon, one-stop shopping, comparison shopping, and protection of music, videos and pictures are all in the palm of your hand. The new Android phones have the capability of handling these apps and making your shopping experience more efficient, it is also more convenient and flexible.

Store hours, traffic jams and finding that the item you wanted was sold out at your favorite store are all things that will soon be history thanks to the new Amazon Apps.

The following list provides an overview of just what can be done with an Android phone loaded with Amazon Apps. The results are very impressive.

Amazon is also marketing its own telephone, complete with its apps and other features that are very impressive. More details about the new phone will be discussed later.

Amazon Kindle for Android App

A million books are suddenly just a few clicks away with the Kindle App for Android and other phones. The app features thousands of free e-books titles such as “Pride & Prejudice” and the “Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.”

Book shopping is easy. Besides the free books, there are many other books, including the New York Times Best Sellers. The app features a built-in dictionary, so you only have to tap a word in your e-book to find its meaning.

There are links to get more information. You also get to sample a book before you buy, as the app lets you read the first chapter of any book before making the purchase.


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5 Amazing Amazon Apps for iPhone

If you have an iPhone, Amazon makes five must-have apps that, when coupled with an Amazon Prime membership, will truly revolutionize the way you use your phone. Once you get used these great Amazon iPhone apps, you won’t be able to use anything else again. The five apps, along with their Prime benefits are:

  • Amazon Kindle – free Kindle books
  • Amazon Store – free two-day shipping
  • Amazon Price Check – free two-day shipping
  • Amazon Music – free streaming and downloaded music
  • Amazon Instant Video – free streaming of movies and TV shows

Amazon Kindle App

The Kindle has really revolutionized the way we read, but not everyone realizes that you don’t need to own a Kindle to read Kindle books! Amazon offers the Kindle software as an iPhone app. Even with a small screen, the reading experience on the Kindle app is wonderful. Everything is adjustable – text size, screen color, font, brightness, and screen orientation. The Kindle app syncs between devices, so you can switch back and forth between an iPhone and an iPad if you own both. A cute feature is the ability to “dog-ear” a page to return to it later. All you do is touch the upper right corner of the screen and the corner folds down.


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Best Seller Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 Cases and Covers

Personalize and protect your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8″ with a Samsung Tab 4 case. Do not let your state of the art tablet go around naked. A case will help you stave off any misfortunes that can occur when using your Samsung Galaxy Tab. Cases are also great for personalizing your tablet by picking a case with your favorite color. Do not let your case be the same as one of the other million that are sold. Mark your territory with one of the best Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 Covers available.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Cases

What is a Samsung Tab 4 Case?

A Samsung Tab 4 case is a cover that snaps securely onto your tablet. It’s job is to keep your tablet sturdy and provide it protection from any drops or spills. In other words, a Samsung Tab 4 case increases your tablet’s durability. You can get an official case from Samsung, or you can purchase one from other manufacturers who make covers specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8″. Below are mini-reviews of the top Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8″ covers on the market today.

Reviews for the best Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8″ Covers

1. (Our BEST Seller) rooCASE Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 Case – Dual View Multi-Angle Stand

This premium synthetic leather case offers you a dual view, and it comes in 13 different colors and patterns. It’s multi-angle stand lets you watch movies from any direction. Some of the key features include detachable inner sleeve for handheld operation, a magnetic flap closure for automatic sleep and wake functions that helps sustain battery life.

It has soft non-scratch interior, Velcro sleeve reattachment, and 3in1 Capacitive stylus with ballpoint pen (bonus).


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