Kindle 5 Review – Why Kindle Classic Should Be Your First Choice E-Reader This Year

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Back in 2007, Amazon changed the reading world with the release of the Kindle – it was the first really successful e-reader and it changed the nature of that industry. Over the next 6 years they released newer and better versions, culminating in the current version. So read on for Kindle 5 review, we determine whether it is the best e-reader out there or whether any other companies of taken Amazon’s top spot.

Amazon Kindle Review

Why The Kindle 5 Is The Best E-Reader

We can answer that question pretty much straight away, the Amazon Kindle is far and away the best e-reader on the market still.

The are several reasons why this is the case:

– Firstly, the features, it is probably more feature packed than any other equivalent e-reader (which I will go into more in the next section).

– Secondly, the price, even when you just consider it on price alone it wins it is by far the best cheap e-ink reader out there. The standard price is $69, which is incredibly cheap for such a feature packed e-reader and occasionally there is a Kindle special discount where you can get it for even cheaper.

– The third reason why I consider the Kindle to be the best is the sheer number of books that are available for it, you get the full weight of Amazons Kindle Store behind you with over 1 million books, many of them free.

Feature Reviews – What Features Of The Kindle 5 Make It Better Than Other E-Readers?

Of course for anyone looking to buy an e-reader it is really the features that matter, so in this Kindle 5 review I’m going to take a look at each individual feature in turn:

Memory Size

The memory size of the Kindle 5 is 2 Gigabytes, enough to hold 1400 books. I think this is an excellent memory size – you can store more than enough books for any trip you might take. If you are a particularly avid eBook reader then it may not be enough for your entire collection but you can always cycle them out – for most people 1400 books is more than you would ever need to be able to store.


The screen is a 6″ e-ink screen. This is a decent size as you can fit it, and operate it in one hand making it quite a bit easier to deal with than traditional books. The size also means that you can fit it in your pocket easier.

The e-ink screen is the biggest selling point of the screen for me though, always choose an e-ink e-reader. They produce less strain on the eyes and you genuinely can’t tell the difference between the screen and the pages of a book.

The resolution is good too at 116 ppi, this is a decent size for an e-reader and should mean even if you get right up close to the screen you won’t be able to tell that it isn’t actually printed on the screen.

Battery Life

The battery can last for a month, with 30 minutes daily reading time. So even if you up that to 2 hours a day – say if you were on holiday for a week, you wouldn’t need to charge it once. Even if you read more than that, one charge on a trip is not exactly bad going.

Navigation & UI

The UI is very intuitive, for books – any book that you have bought will appear on the home screen and it is just a simple up and down and select control to get where you want. Other screens such as internet browser are also easy to access, with just a few presses of the button.

In terms of actually reading a book and turning the page – this is really easy as well. There are buttons at either side of the screen to turn the page forward, and you can hold and control it with one hand – making room for a drink. That wouldn’t happen with a normal book!

So, Is It The Right E-Reader For You?

There are very few people who I wouldn’t recommend the Kindle 5 for. It has literally everything you could want from a eBook reader – a great screen, great battery life, easy use and a fantastic eBook store backing it up.

Not only are they great for yourself but they make a great gift too, not only are you getting them eBook reader, you are also getting them all the free books that come with the Kindle store, a fantastic gift for anyone.

Unless you have a very good reason not to go for a one, this Kindle 5 review strongly recommends the Kindle.

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