The Amazon experience on iPhone: It’s not just for talking anymore!

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I have a confession to make.  I was an iPhone holdout.  My husband has had an iPhone since they first came out, and I’m pretty sure that if it came down to saving me or the phone in a fire, he would have to think about it.  That thing is just way more useful than I am!  If it could cook, I would be in trouble.

Last year a good friend actually GAVE me a brand new iPhone for my birthday.  And when someone just up and hands you an iPhone, you take it…and you become addicted.  While I am not nearly as important as my hubby, and I don’t need it for contacts and calendars and keeping track of things like our banking information…I have discovered that I DO need it for REALLY important things.  Like Kindle.  And shopping!  Once I discovered that I can carry my ENTIRE library around in my purse with full Amazon Experience, and BUY MORE STUFF, I was hooked.  Have y’all found these little pieces of heaven yet?

Reading Kindle Books on your iPhone

The first thing that you need to do is go to the App store and download the Kindle app.  Then, if you don’t already have an Amazon account, you need to set up one of those too.  Then, you start looking at all of the amazing books that are available on Kindle…and downloading them…and then you’re all set!  You don’t need an internet connection to read books that you’ve already purchased–just open the app and find your book!  And there are some amazing things about this particular experience that you won’t want to miss.

  • Collections.  Organize your books and magazines into manageable collections in just minutes.
  • Listen to your books.  You can easily switch between reading and listening to your books with the audio companion.  This means that no matter where you are, you can continue reading and keep the story going, whether you’re commuting, gardening or doing laundry.
  • Read e-textbooks.  No more lugging your 75 pound backpack to class.  Find the textbook, download it on your phone and Voila!  You’re all ready for class.
  • Take notes.  Now that you’ve got the textbook, you can highlight, take notes and add bookmarks to help you go back and review later.  You can also search inside the book to find a specific topic, chapter, character or section that you want to revisit.
  • Sync to the furthest page read.  Whispersync technology allows you to sync your books between all devices so that you always know what page you’re on.
  • Listen to Audible audiobooksIf you have both an Amazon and an Audible account, you can listen to books that you already own on both accounts right in the Kindle app.
  • Keep current on the latest happenings.  You can read magazines, newspapers and PDF documents on your Kindle app, meaning that you will always know what is happening, whether it’s politics, Hollywood or your job that needs your immediate attention.

Amazing Shopping Experience – I’m not much of a reader…but I love to shop!

Then, my friend, you will love the Amazon app for iPhone!  You can literally shop from the comfort of your own home, on the train on the way to work, or sitting on the beach in the middle of nowhere.  If you’ve got WiFi or a 3G signal, you’re all set!  You can…

  • Shop by department.  Do you need one of these?  Accoutrements Magical Unicorn Mask If you said Yes, then you’re in luck.  You’re also badly in need of some professional help, but you’re in luck.  You can literally find anything that you want in the Amazon app.
  • Save your search.  Just like on the regular site, Amazon tracks your search history and makes recommendations for you.
  • Create a wish list.  Yes.  You can indeed put the unicorn mask on your wish list.  Have I mentioned professional help yet?

Save Money with Price Check – I’m a bargain shopper.

Ah.  I see how you are.  You’re not buying that unicorn mask until you are absolutely sure you’ve got the best price.  You sneaky little…unicorn-mask-lover you.  Well, Amazon is all over it.  With their new Price Check app, you can use your iPhone to scan barcodes and find the best price while you’re out and about.

  • Scan the barcode.  Using the app, scan a barcode in any store, anywhere, and instantly get prices, reviews and product descriptions.
  • Snap a picture.  Take a picture of the item, and the Amazon app immediately matches your photo to DVD’s, books, toys, video games and more.
  • Voice search.  Technologically challenged?  No problem.  Just say the product name and Amazon will instantly match your search to return accurate pricing and purchase options.
  • Type your search.  This is what is known as “old school”.  But hey.  It works.  Type the name of the product and Amazon will find it for you.  ‘Cause seriously.  They are that cool.

Amazon Music – I’ve been lost since my Walkman died.

Poor baby.  I hear ya.  There is nothing to match the lousy sound quality of Milli Vanilli played on your treasured Walkman…but take heart.  Technology is bound to bring it back someday.  (Tune in tomorrow for a related discussion on why the First Amendment needs some serious re-thinking…).  Until the advent of that blessed day, we will have to content ourselves with the new Amazon music app.

  • Download or stream music from the Cloud. 
  • Create and edit playlists.
  • Play music in the background (which is seriously the ONLY way Milli Vanilli should EVER be played).
  • Stream via Bluetooth in your home or car.
  • Buy music directly from and begin listening to it immediately via Amazon Music, without having to sync or transfer.
  • Play music you already have on your iPhone.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, Amazon Prime members now have free, unlimited access to millions of songs and hundreds of custom-built playlists for ad-free streaming.  You can explore the Prime Music catalog, add music to your library for free, or download it to your iPhone for internet-free listening.

Amazon Movies –  I need videos.  I have toddlers on an airplane.  I need videos!

We’ve got you covered.  The new Amazon Instant Video app lets you play videos that you have purchased or rented on your iPhone instantly, once you have downloaded and signed into the app.  And Amazon Prime members can stream videos from the entire Prime Instant Video Catalogue directly in the app.

  • Selection.  Prime Instant Video gives you access to more than 40,000 movies and TV episodes, including new releases and blockbusters.  They also offer a wide range of subscription streaming exclusives like Downton Abbey and Dora the Explorer.
  • Shop from your iPhone.  You can shop from your Safari browser on your iPhone and access more than 150,000 movies and TV episodes, which will show up on your iPhone device within seconds after you complete your purchase or rental.
  • Create a Watchlist.  Keep track of movies and TV episodes that you want to watch later.  Add favorites and new discoveries, and come back to them when you have time.
  • Keep your place.  Whispersync records where you stopped watching and takes you back there immediately so you don’t have to hunt for where you were.

Wrapping it up…

Your iPhone is designed to be the “only device you’ll ever need”.  While I haven’t yet found the apps for doing my laundry, cooking and dropping the kids off at school, I am still searching!  And in the meantime, when you have a little bit of free time, check out these new additions to the Amazon app family and see what you think.  Whether you are looking for something to help you run price checks, track purchases, keep music and videos at your fingertips, or just something to keep all of your books in one spot for when you have time to read, chances are these apps will help you fulfill your mission.

And in case you haven’t heard, in about 6 days, Amazon is rumored to be releasing it’s long awaited “Fire Phone”, with 3D technology.  This wildly anticipated new addition to the Kindle line is certain to be a best seller, and since it comes from Amazon itself, the apps and features that we’ve talked about here are sure to be even more enhanced on their new device.  Whether you choose to keep your iPhone or upgrade to the Amazon Fire Phone, make sure that you take the time to explore the Amazon Experience possibilities for your device.  They really are almost limitless.

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