Amazing Amazon Fire Phone Hands On Review: How Does the Kindle Phone Look like?

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The Fire Phone Hands On is one of Amazon’s latest creations and is also their first attempt at trying to launch themselves into the ever so popular smart phone market. The Amazon Fire smart phone has be in development for quite some time, 2012 to be exact, and many die hard Amazon fans have been curious about the large number of rumors and speculations surrounding the Amazon Fire smart phone. One source of all the buzz is the Amazon Fire smart phone’s 3D shopping feature and it’s close integration with many of the Prime services offered by Amazon.

However, before you rush out to buy Amazon’s first experiment in smart phone making, read the following review to get a good idea of how the Amazon Fire smart phone works, it’s features and how to use them, how the Amazon Fire is different from the iPhone and Android operating systems, and the pros and cons of the Amazon Fire. By the time you finish this review article, you will have all the information you need to help you decide whether the Amazon Fire is the right smart phone for you.

The Amazon Fire Phone: Amazon’s Answer To Android And iPhone

Amazon has already gained a somewhat popular following among the members of the tech industry due to it’s other innovative product, the tablet inspired Kindle and Kindle Fire. However, the Amazon Fire smart phone has already been marked as simply another way for Amazon to connect to its increasing customer base by providing its shoppers with a new and unique online shopping experience. The Amazon Fire Phone Hands On is, as you might have already guessed it, connected Amazon and their services, including the Amazon Appstore. This means that by Amazon becoming one of the suppliers in the smart phone market, they can more freely promote their existing services and products to new and old customers while also gaining quite a bit of revenue from the overall sell of the Amazon Fire smart phone.

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But, putting aside the promotional value of the Amazon Fire smart phone, Amazon is also hoping to use the smart phone as a gateway to replacing the Android system and iPhone smart phones. much like they replaces books with the Kindle. But, how can the Amazon Fire smart phone match up with the Android and iPhone features and powerful operating system? Well, for starters the Amazon Fire smart phone is already built on a special type of Android operating system that has been heavily customized to meet the needs of the customer. The data package is also fairly large compared to other brands of smart phones and the iPhone, which means that Amazon customers will have no problems downloading apps from the Appstore or streaming video from the Amazon Prime store.

What Are Some Of The Key Features And Benefits Of The Amazon Fire Smart Phone?

FireFly – You can buy any Object Faster

Even though it is Amazon’s first attempt at a smart phone, the Amazon Fire smart phone is certainly not lacking in features and benefits. Besides having the standard smart phone features, such as a touch screen and high power camera, the Amazon Fire smart phone also has an innovative tracking feature known as Firefly. Firefly is a tool created for the Amazon Fire smart phone that allows users to find certain items from Amazon by simply snapping a quick picture of the item. As soon as the picture is taken, Firefly will provide you with a ton of links for that item on Amazon’s web site. Overall, the main goal of Firefly is to help user search for an item and buy it off of Amazon’s site. Firefly can recognize over a hundred million items, and can even recognize complex images such as phone numbers.

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If you’re a bit confused by the Amazon Fire smart phone’s user interface, apps, or other forms of operation, then Amazon has a built in app for that too. Called Mayday, this helpful app from Amazon will quickly connect you with a live support person at any time of the day. You will be able to communicate with a support person and sort out any problems you are having with your Amazon Fire smart phone.

3D based Dynamic Perspective – Your Phone WOW Experience

Finally, one of the Amazon Fire smart phone’s most talked about feature is the 3D based Dynamic Perspective. The Dynamic Perspective app is still limited in what it can do, but it holds the most future for the Amazon Fire smart phone. It works by using four cameras that are facing the user and determining where the user’s head is at. This feature allows you to view images from different angles and perspective by tilting the phone. The Amazon Fire smart phone will then use this data to create a 3D effect in certain parts of the phone, such as the wallpaper, maps, and screen savers.

Those are only a few of Amazon Fire smart phone’s features, additional features include:

• A 4.7 high definition screen that is ideal for use with one hand. The screen has an ambient light sensor, dynamic image contrast, and a resolution of 1280 x 720. The phone also has Gorilla Glas on both sides for extra durability.
• High end 13MP front and back cameras with optical image stabilization. There are multiple cameras on the front for a 3D perspective and are able to capture 120 degree images. The cameras also have infrared lights.
• Access to over 33 million songs, apps, movies, games, TV shows, books, magazines, and audiobooks for Amazon’s digital content library.
• If you have a prime membership, you will get free unlimited access to movies and TV shows. You’ll also get a free one year membership when you buy the Amazon Fire smart phone.
• Other Outstanding WOW Features.

Questions And Answers Regarding The Amazon Fire Smart Phone

1. How much is the Amazon Fire? Is it cheaper than other smart phones?

The prices for the Amazon Fire smart phone varies depending on the type. A smart phone with 32-gigabytes costs $200, while a 64GB version costs $300. Both require a two year contract with AT&T. This is a fairly high cost, but is worth it considering the phone’s features.

2. How is this smart phone any different from the others?

The Amazon Fire is different in that it provides its users with a unique shopping experience, access to a large amount of media, unlimited cloud storage, and excellent customer service.

3. Do you have to be an Amazon customer to use the smart phone?

No, but you will need an Amazon account to access the Amazon library and Appstore.

4. Is At&T the only service that the smart phone uses?

Yes, although there are plans in the future for other service providers to be added.

The Amazon Fire Smart Phone Pros And Cons


• Unlimited photo sharing and storage

Innovative and ground breaking features

• Access to Amazon’s extensive library and a free, one year membership to Amazon prime


• The cost is high for a smart phone and is not cheaper than other brands

• The phone does not have a prepaid option and requires a contract

• The Amazon Fire is a bit of a money pit; it offers one click shopping wherever you are, which makes it easier for Amazon to sell things, and for you to spend money.

Fire Phone Conclusion

If you are a die hard fan of Amazon and their products, then the Amazon Fire Phone Hands On is the perfect smart phone for you. It will provide you with a unique and enhanced shopping experience, and will place you right in the middle of an innovative experiment. The Amazon Fire Phone will only get better with time, but why not take advantage of unlimited cloud storage, 24/7 customer service, 3D cameras, and access to the products you love now?

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