Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet (2017) Review: Performance and Budget 2-in-1

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The all-new Fire HD 10 has been announced and is available for pre-orders! This outstanding development has us excited to check out a new e-rearder and we know you will be, too. The new Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet is loaded with features that are sure to impress and provide a ton of value to you as a reader and tablet owner. This versatile product is an e-reader by roots and a tablet my name so let’s dive into what makes this piece of tech so outstanding.

Benefits of Having a Tablet

But before we get into the heart of what makes the new Fire Tablet so amazing, it would be smart to take a moment to appreciate the benefits of what tablets in general do for you. There are a lot of savvy reasons to own a tablet in the first place so let’s go over a few right here.


Possibly the greatest thing about having a tablet is the maneuverability that they offer. They are uniquely designed to be thin, small, and lightweight so that they can be a go-anywhere, do-anything piece of your technology collection.

For the tablet we are looking at here, this means that you can use your tablet as an e-reader, web surfer, or app utilizer wherever you see fit. Take it on vacation, use it as a bedside tool, or bring it between the home and office with ease.


Having a tablet around can make your days more productive in a ton of different ways. First, they can give you a second screen to use when you need one so you can have something open to read on one screen and type on your laptop on another.

They can also streamline your processes since they are so maneuverable (as we mentioned) by giving you a station that moves around with you throughout your day. And if you are creative enough, you will find plenty more ways to use your tablet for good.


Only on a tablet can you listen to music while you Google your latest random question and switch to playing Angry Birds all in the space of ten seconds. This gives tablets a ton of value that laptops and phones can only dream of. What’s more, tablets are usually cheaper than laptops and phones, too, so there may not even be a competition for the right style of use that you are looking for.

Features of the Fire HD 10

Now that we know why owning a tablet in the general sense is a good idea, let’s jump into what we really came here to see: the Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet. Everything about this piece of technology speaks to the highest quality and performance that you could ask for in an e-reader or tablet – or both. You’ll be stunned by how much you love this tablet, considering all of its beautiful features like:

  • Largest, Sharpest Fire Display Yet: The latest edition of the Fire HD 10 has the biggest and best screen that Amazon has ever put on their tablets. 2 million pixels combine to make a 10.1 inch, 1080p spectacle that looks great for doing anything from reading to watching TV to surfing the web.
  • Heavy Duty Processing Power: For such a small device, this tablet has unbelievable processing power. The 1.8 GHz quad-core processor and 2 GB of RAM ensure that you can be performing plenty of heavy tasks with your tablet all at the same time.
  • Long Battery Life and Plenty of Storage: We know battery life is very important for those of you who can never stop reading. Lucky for you, this latest Fire HD 10 sports up to 10 hours of battery life. Additionally, the tablet comes in 32 GB and 64 GB versions (with expandable storage up to 256 GB) so you can have all of the books, TV shows, and other documents you want saved onto your device.
  • Alexa Enabled: For those of you into smart technologies, Amazon’s virtual personal assistant Alexa is a part of this package. Ask her to set timers, read you the news, open apps, and control the other smart home products in your home. All she needs is a connection to Wi-Fi.
  • Affordability: Some customers have been utterly baffled by the price of this tablet at just $150. Given how much it can do and how much value it can provide to your entertainment, this tablet was expected to be priced far higher than this and is a no-brainer buy to some folks.
  • Access to the Amazon Marketplace: Of course, a tablet is only as useful as the apps that are on it – but that’s yet another strength of this device. With the Fire HD 10, you can get onto the Amazon Marketplace and download whichever apps you want to truly make your tablet your own. And, of course, Prime members get unlimited access to millions of books, magazines, songs, movies, and TV episodes at no additional cost.
  • Kid-Friendly Durability & Features: Compared to the iPad Pro, Amazon’s tablet is simply more durable in tumble and drop testing, making it a better option for kids that may be using their parents’ tablets – or clumsy adults! Additionally, the Fire HD 10 has FreeTime Parental Controls that lets parents customize the tablet to lock out of certain apps and even shut down after a certain time limit.

Even looking at this impressive list, there are even more features with this sixth generation Fire HD 10 that you might love. We tried to cover the big ones that we know everyone will enjoy but we strongly encourage you to take a look at what can make this tablet an even better choice for you personally. There are simply so many superior features of this tablet that we would have you here all day reading if we were to list them all.

Comparison to the 5th Generation Fire HD 10

When we take a look at the sixth generation Fire HD 10, it is probably prudent to think about what improvements have been made over the most recent ancestor of it. The fifth generation, while a formidable piece of technology in its own right, now has a big brother that we like to think has completely overshadowed it.

The screen itself is the first place you’ll see a difference (get it?) between the two tablets, since the older Fire HD 10 only has a 149 ppi screen made of over a million pixels where the new version has a 1080p screen made of over two million pixels.

Additionally, the hardware is simply faster. The old version operates with two cores working at 1.5 GHz and two at 1.2 GHz whereas the new sixth generation has two cores at 1.8 GHz and two more at 1.4 GHz. While this may not sound like much to the average bear, we can guarantee you that this kind of speed is noticeable and effective.

The battery life, too, has received an improvement moving up from the up to 8 hours of use on the little brother to up to 10 hours of use on the newer, older brother. This means you just might be able to make the accident of losing the charging cable, ordering a new one, waiting for it in the mail, and still never needing to recharge it through your regular days’ use.

Clearly, the new Fire HD 10 is an example of technology constantly improving and providing an appreciable difference on last year’s tech.

What Customers are Saying

While our expert opinion can try to convince you into Amazon’s newest tablet, it’s probably just as wise to listen to what customers who have gotten advanced looks at the new technology are saying. In truth, it looks a lot like those lucky users saw exactly what we did with our first inspections at the new tablet. In short, their reviews boil down to “It’s amazing.”

Most note that the tablet is far cheaper in price than what they would expect out of such a fine piece of tech. They love how it feels in their hands, works at lightning quick speeds, and lasts far longer than expected given how much it can do. Altogether, what people are saying about the latest Fire HD 10 tablet amounts to the fact that it is an absolutely spectacular tablet for parents who want to have a tablet that both they and their children can use at an affordable price without sacrificing performance.

Our Conclusion

So what are we to make of the Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet? Taken as a package, this tablet truly can do everything that you need it to. Reading, internet, TV, productivity, games, you name it, you’ve got it. At just $150, you could be making an investment into not only an e-reader but also a web surfer, personal television, smart home controller, and child entertainment center that you could never regret.

The value of this Fire HD 10 handily outweighs its price, pointing to a tool that could change the way that you entertain yourself. Simply put: it’s a good buy.

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