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Kindle Voyage 2014 Review: The Best eReader All Time

In the modern world many individuals require an electronic device that they can take around with them and that they can use whilst on the go. The mobile device is capable of many things but the screen is often too small for reading and writing on.

Kindle Voygage is the latest from Amazon and most advanced kindle reader so far. The device was initially named the kindle as it suggested a metaphor for lighting a fire in the mind and sparking creativity. Nowadays many individuals rely on the kindle device to help them with reading and writing, as the device is extremely transportable and can be easily placed within the bag or pocket. In this article we will take a look at the new kindle Paperwhite 3 (Voyage) and will outline its main benefits and features. We shall also take a look at the specifications of the device and will give you a summary of its qualities.

Voyage Benefits

The Amazon Kindle was first released in 2007 and was a basic reading device which was electronic and was far simpler than it is now. The device sold out within a couple of hours and was not restocked until five months later. This initial response showed the popularity of the kindle and gave a hint at what how popular it would become in the future. Now the kindle is one of the most popular ereader in the world and is used on a regular basis for a wide range of different tools. It has also been developed considerably since its first design and now features a far more powerful set of hardware and a much clearer interface.


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