All New Kindle E-reader from Amazon (2017): Most Affordable eBook Reader

When Amazon introduced their Kindle e-reader in 2007, we couldn’t help but wonder if they fully grasped the magnitude of what they had just done. With a single device, they completely revolutionized the way we read, and over the past nine years they have continued to improve their design and product.

Although other companies have followed suit, Amazon is still the undisputed king of the e-reader, and their All New Kindle E-reader (2016 edition) is sure to live up to their stellar reputation and provide the quality that we’ve come to expect.

White Kindle ebook reader 2016 review


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Amazon Fire HD 10 Review: Power + Performance = Perfection

When it comes to tablets, nobody has better devices than Amazon. Their line of Fire tablets are the best there is thanks to innovative design, ground-breaking technology and great pricing that makes them affordable for consumers everywhere. They recently unveiled their newest tablet, the Fire HD 10, and as impossible as it sounds, it surpasses everything Amazon has done before. They managed to improve upon their already flawless designs to give you a tablet that truly does it all, but you don’t have to take my word for it. I will break it all down for you in my in-depth Fire HD 10 review, from specs to consumer reviews, to show you why you should run out and buy one.

Review of Fire HD 10: Features & Benefits

Fire HD 10 Review


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Amazon Fire 2015: Best Cheap Tablet Just Made the Competition Very Nervous

On September 30th, Amazon is set to release it’s new Amazon Fire Tablet, and the competition is paying very close attention.  The new Fire, with it’s 7″ display, 8GB of internal storage and loads of special offers has one more incredible feature…it’s price tag.  Amazon is releasing this latest offering in their Kindle family at the unbelievable price of just $49.99.  That’s right.  A full-feature tablet that carries the reputable Fire name…for less than $50.  And with a host of Fire discountsincluded, Kindle users can now purchase five tablets…and get one free.  Free.  No cost.  Nada.  Zip.  No other tablet manufacturer has offered anything even close to this…but honestly, it’s just more of the great products and services that we’ve come to expect from Amazon.

Fire Tablet is 34.99 only this Cyber Monday 2015

Best Cheap Amazon Fire Tablet

>> Fire Tablet is $34.99 only this Black Friday / Cyber Monday! < < (more…)

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Kindle Voyage 2014 Review: The Best eReader All Time

In the modern world many individuals require an electronic device that they can take around with them and that they can use whilst on the go. The mobile device is capable of many things but the screen is often too small for reading and writing on.

Kindle Voygage is the latest from Amazon and most advanced kindle reader so far. The device was initially named the kindle as it suggested a metaphor for lighting a fire in the mind and sparking creativity. Nowadays many individuals rely on the kindle device to help them with reading and writing, as the device is extremely transportable and can be easily placed within the bag or pocket. In this article we will take a look at the new kindle Paperwhite 3 (Voyage) and will outline its main benefits and features. We shall also take a look at the specifications of the device and will give you a summary of its qualities.

Voyage Benefits

The Amazon Kindle was first released in 2007 and was a basic reading device which was electronic and was far simpler than it is now. The device sold out within a couple of hours and was not restocked until five months later. This initial response showed the popularity of the kindle and gave a hint at what how popular it would become in the future. Now the kindle is one of the most popular ereader in the world and is used on a regular basis for a wide range of different tools. It has also been developed considerably since its first design and now features a far more powerful set of hardware and a much clearer interface.


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New Kindle Paperwhite 2015 Review

Introducing the Kindle Paperwhite 2015 Model, a new device that allows users to experience the best reading clarity technology known versus any other kindle device. With this device users are able to get a clear visual of the screen, even through situations that causes glare. It includes an excessively high contrasting Next-gen built in light and with a battery that lasts up to eight week, so expect long life of high quality resolution production throughout.

Expired: 12/12 Update: Check out Kindle Paperwhite with Special Offer for $20 OFF.

These are just a few important features included with the New Kindle Paperwhite 2015. As this article gets into more of the Paperwhite’s important product features, a list of upgrades of the New Kindle Paperwhite as compared to the previous Kindle will exhibit, along with benefits of the newer version.

Features of the New Kindle Paperwhite

X-Ray: *Exclusive* The bones of the book – explore just the book’s pages that specifies relevant ideas, fictional characters, historical figures, places or interested topics.
Adjustable Text Sizes: Reading customization – adjust text sizes to fit your reading preference. There are eight sizes in total to choose from.
Hand-Tuned Fonts: Style customization – adjust text’s style with high quality text lettering that fits your preferred easy on the eye type of style. Six font styles in total.
Bookmarks and Annotations: Study time – type in any type of note(s) throughout the text that you think is important to mark. This way you cannot only study but create a memory marker for easy returning to marked location.
Notes and Sharing: Study Groups – highlight key sections of reading and share them on social media networking site as Facebook and Twitter, directly from Kindle Paperwhite.and much, much more….
More Outstanding Features and See what other customers say


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