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Compare Kindle Voyage vs Kindle Paperwhite: Which Lighted Reader is better in 2016?

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In Sept 2014, Amazon introduced a new Kindle eBook reader to the market. One of them is the Kindle Voyage (3rd Gen 2014 model) as well as an upgrade of Kindle Paperwhite (4th Gen in 2015).

Since their introduction, users are finding it difficult to make a choice between the two great products. The review is to take a Detailed Look at Kindle Voyage Vs Kindle Paperwhite, find out the similarities as well as the differences between the two most popular Kindle eBook readers and guide users to make a choice.

Kindle Voyage Comparing to Paperwhite 2014

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Kindle Voyage versus Kindle Paperwhite Comparison

Resolution and Display

The kindle Voyage has a built-in light display and has a better resolution than its kindle Paperwhite counterpart has. It has a superior display than other kindle product available on the market today.

Moreover, the product has 300 pixels, which is about the same of Kindle Paperwhite (300 px updated in 2015). The result of this is that it shows a good, sharp image display. The implication of this is that it is pretty easy and comfortable to read and use Voyage than the Paperwhite.

Voyage has way better screen and Wins!

Kindle Paperwhite Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015


Apart from its better resolution, Kindle Voyage has better brightness than the Kindle Paperwhite. It is brighter by at least 39 percent.

The kindle voyage also has an adaptive front light. This is a new feature; this adjusts the brightness of the light. You can easily adjust the voyage light depending on the period of the day you want to use it. It is good as it matches the way your eyes react to darkness.

Brighter is better. Voyage Wins again!

Still, Personally I prefer Buying Paperwhite with $20 off – Ads Special Offer . Save $80 to buy your Favorite Kindle Books!

Front Flush Design

Furthermore, the Kindle Voyage is better than Paperwhite because of the front flush design. This feature is not available in the 2013 model.

This uses a scratch resistant glass. Because of this, it can diffuse light, so that users could read comfortably without glaring.

Check out this beautiful bright screen and outstanding reading experience yourself.

PagePress Technology Exclusive

The Kindle Voyage is produced with the modern PagePress technology. This includes a haptic feedback. This feature enables the users to turn the pages with ease.

You could turn Voyage pages by lightly pressing on its frame. You will feel a tactile vibration; this indicates that a new page has been turned on.

The presence of PagePress in the Kindle Voyage cures the deficiency of page buttons in Paperwhite. The non-availability of page buttons on Paperwhite is one of its shortcomings.

This Exclusive Press Feature is brilliant!

Size and weight

The kindle Voyage weighs 6.3 ounces and has a dimension of 6.4 inches by 4.5 inches by 0.30 inches. However, the Kindle Voyage Wi Fi 3G model weighs 6.6 ounces. By far, it’s the lightest Kindle!

Paperwhite weighs 7.3 ounces with the following dimensions 6.7 inches by 4.6 inches by 0.36 inches.

Voyage is slightly lighter and Smaller. More Portable wins!


The two Kindles have the same type of connectivity and the same storage capability (4gb storing 3000+ Kindle ebooks). They also have the same battery life, which could last for more than one month after a single charge.

Review of Kindle Voyage eBook Reader

The Kindle voyage is the best and highest resolution Kindle reader ever introduced to the market. It is the dream of most people to own this kindle reader because of its unique and superior feature. Presently there are two models of the product in the market today. They include the Kindle Voyage Wi Fi model and the Wi Fi 3G model.

Amazon Image

Voyage Screen quality

The Kindle Voyage has a screen size of 6-inch touchscreen. It has a display capacity of 16-grayscale monochrome and 300 ppi with a built in front illumination.

This is to make it non-reflective to sunlight, this feature makes it possible for users to read from it with ease. To enhance reading, it is micro etched textures. It also mimics the texture of a paper.

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The kindle Voyage can be connected to 3G and Wi Fi (802.11 b,g,n). Furthermore, it has a storage capacity of 4GB. In terms of their battery life, Amazon claimed that Kindle Voyage could last for six weeks after a single charge.

Research has shown that the battery could last for more than one month after a full charge. The battery charges in three hours and charged through USB cable from a computer.


The product is available in black color and that is the standard color.

The cost of the Kindle Voyage Wi Fi model at Amazon is less than $200, while the Kindle Voyage Wi Fi plus 3G sells for $269.

All about Reading

The Kindle Voyage eBook reader has several reading feature, which include:
● Integrated dictionary
● Highlighting
● Notes
● Bookmarks
● Ability to share items
● Media
● As well as the ability to download things

Apart from these, the eBook reader supports different file types such as the
● Plain text
● Adobe PDF
● Microsoft word
● HTML pages
● Mobipocket and so on

The Review of the Kindle Paperwhite


This Amazon product has a screen size of 6 Inches and a display of 212 ppi only. It has less contrast than voyage and it does not sit flush.

Amazon Image


The Kindle Paperwhite is available in Wi Fi (802.11 b, g, n) as well as the storage capacity of 4GB (There was a 2014 refresh that boosted up the storage by 2gb) . The battery could last as long as 2 months, which more than six weeks Amazon said it would last. It has a strong battery life.

Paper White offers several feature such as
● Bookmarks
● Highlighting
● Notes
● Download ability
● Integrated dictionary
● Ability to share
Updated with 4gb storage with $20 off.

Furthermore, it could support different files such as
● Kindle eBook
● Mobipocket
● Plain text
● HTML pages
● Adobe PDF,
● Microsoft word and so on

Paperwhite is available in the usual standard black color.

Currently it is sold for $119 for the kindle Paperwork 2013 Wi Fi model while the Wi Fi plus 3G model is only $189 (No monthly 3G fee).

Paperwhite Cons

There is no headphone jack and audio support on Paperwhite; no audiobook and mp3 play which is a total disappointment.


The result is obvious from the comparison of the Kindle Paperwhite vs Voyage, that the Kindle Voyage is Better than the Kindle Paperwhite. This is certain from its fantastic feature. It is light and thin, which means that it is more portable than the Paperwhite eBook reader from Amazon.

It has a better and a higher resolution. It also has a superior contrast display. It costs a little bit more than the kindle Paperwhite. The extra cost is worth the superior services it provides for its users. You can get any of them at discount prices.

If your budget is tight, Paperwhite is still a viable reader and just 60% price of Voyage.

Check Out Paperwhite with $20 off Special Offer Today!

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2 Responses to “Compare Kindle Voyage vs Kindle Paperwhite: Which Lighted Reader is better in 2016?”

  1. Blair says:

    So the one thing that nobody seems to be talking about on any of the sites, is how much more sensitive screen for using the keyboard. It’s using touch technology, correct? It isn’t just using infrared sensors anymore? Main reason for me wanting to upgrade from the paperwhite to the new voyage isso I can take notes much more quickly and accurately. I tend to use my iPad mini to read my books more often than not because it’s much more accurate. But I prefer reading my stuff on a Kindle so that I am less easily distracted and going on the web we’re checking out notifications and such. Any clarification would be great appreciated, plus couldgive you a jump over all the other people who have neglected to talk about this.

    • Ken says:

      Blair, thanks for checking. I believe Voyage has more sensitive screen for typing with higher resolution.

      I do highlight good “quote” when reading. I prefer touching the screen, drag and highlight. Not sure if you do type and take notes much when reading on Kindle.

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