Best Kindle Oasis E-Reader Cases and Covers: “Read” All About ‘Em!

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The bookworm in you has made its best decision yet; you just got a kindle Oasis e-Reader. We would congratulate you – but we have to make sure of one more than first. Have you got one of the best Kindle Oasis E-Reader cases to go along with it? If you haven’t, we’re glad you stumbled upon this page because your reading journey isn’t quite complete yet. Don’t turn a (virtual) page until you’ve got one of these!

Best Kindle Oasis Covers and Cases

The Newest Kindle Deserves a Case

With everything that the latest edition of the Kindle can do, it would be a shame to not put a case on it. Cases add protection that is vital to keeping your new best friend good as new.

And this goes for both when you have your e-reader out and handy or tucked away in your bag with all of your other items. Be on the lookout for those Kindle Oasis e-reader case discounts and avoid those scratches!

Top Rated Kindle Oasis E-Reader Cases: Which one is the Best?

Ayotu Fabric Case for Kindle Oasis (9th Gen,2017 Release) Thinnest&Lightest Cover

This first case is great for those of you who are worried about spilling your cup of water on your e-reader. It snaps on for a secure fit and is covered in fabric that feels like a book but wicks away water. It even opens like a book and wakes and sleeps your Oasis when opened and closed. This is definitely one of the best Kindle Oasis e-reader cases on the market so don’t skip over it!

Kindle Oasis Water-Safe Fabric Cover

This case keeps your Kindle nice and slim – and brings you that beautiful, natural leather feel. It pops onto your Oasis, comes in three great colors, and wakes your e-reader when hinged open.

That gives it the look and feel of a classic book all the while providing instant protection to your new tech friend. You can even use it as a stand for when your hand gets tired or you just want to prop it up for whatever reason.

MoKo Case for All-New Kindle Oasis Premium Ultra Lightweight Shell Cover

If you desire a professional, classic look for your Kindle but still want all the protection from drops and scratches, look no further than this MoKo Sleeve. Not only does it fit the new Oasis but it also can be used on any other Kindle product if you’ve got one! The lining in the bag keeps your Oasis safe from scratching and the outside absorbs shock like it’s nothing.

In addition, it can hold a few physical books and magazines inside if you desire.

All-New Kindle Oasis Essentials including Premium Leather Cover

Wait…Have you not actually gotten your Oasis yet? Well, then that’s no issue. Here’s your perfect package. This is the Oasis itself, the leather case to protect it, and the power adapter you need to charge it. Why buy all of these items separately when you can get them all at once?! And when it gives you a nice discount on all three products. If you’re smart (we know you are), this leather cover will end up on your Oasis.

Kindle Oasis E-reader with Leather Charging Cover

Now, this is a fan favorite – the charging case. With this bundle, not only do you get the e-reader itself but you also get a leather case with it – and it’s a charger.

The battery itself already lasts awhile but, with this external battery attached, you have literally months of battery life in the palm of your hand. Did you just say “wow” with us? Because we said “wow.”

MoKo Case for All-New Kindle Oasis (9th Gen, 2017 Release ONLY) – Slim Shell Origami Stand Cover

This case (specifically designed for the Oasis) adds a hardback to your product. Your device will be protected well with this case on it and the leather exterior comes in an array beautiful designs. The best part here is that the case comes with a lifetime warranty so your purchase will last you as long as you need it. Unprecedented protection – forever. Now that’s value.

Some Things to Consider when Getting a Cover

Of course, no two cases are built the same. For that reason, a few things you should think about when you buy your own case are:

  • Price: As always, one must keep in mind the wallet. Protection does come at a price – but it doesn’t have to be a big one.
  • Materials: If you desire a certain feel while you read, make sure your case is made of a material that you like (and won’t be slippery!)
  • Features: If portability is your game, get a case that’s lightweight. If you want charging, get one with a battery. Features matter!
  • Colors/Patterns: There is a wide breadth of available colors, shapes, and patterns when it comes to these e-reader cases so make sure to get something that you love looking at!


Q: Why do I even need a case?

A: At the very least, it’s all about that protection. Just like with your phone, you are working with a piece of technology that can be fragile.

Q: Will the case fit my Kindle?

A: Yes! At least every option on this page will! We made sure of it!

Q: Will a case make my Oasis indestructible?

A: Well, no. But it will make it much closer to that than if you had no case. Your Oasis should make it through typical drops and scratching with a case on it – and even a splash or two with the right case.

What are people saying about the Oasis?

According to reviews, the Oasis is incredible. The previous kindles were already so amazing – and this model only builds on that awesomeness. People love the extended battery life and enhanced screen presentation. They even note that it feels different (yes, better) in your hand due to Amazon’s focus on rebalancing.

The Bottom Line

The best Kindle Oasis e-reader cases are out there for you, but you’ve got to be the one that takes action. Protect your investment in knowledge, self-fulfillment, and entertainment with the right case for your Oasis and you’ll be ready for years and years to come.

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