Kindle Daily Deals: Our Top Daily Discounts for Kindle

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Are you looking for those “secret” Kindle Daily Discounts? They are updated frequently; sometimes they drop Kindle Books from $9.99 to $0.99 for couple days. Some of those are free as the Authors are promoting their books in those Free 3 day window.

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Whilst the emergence of the internet has improved research of shopping choices for a whole new generation of people, not those who use the web for scientific or IT research, not even those looking for new clothes but a new community has emerged who make their reading choice far greater by using the kindle daily deal discounts.

Kindle is an electronic book reader and this ideal invention in new technology book reading has one great advantage over most over great technological advances.

What is a Kindle ebook deal?

You do not need a Kindle to read Kindle books.

That’s right you can read Kindle books without the machine BUT you do have to download the free app which effectively means you read on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone as a Kindle book reader.

So how do you use this fabulous opportunity, how do you choose your reading material.

You Don’t.

That’s right you use a free service called Kindle daily deals to send you a suggested reading list.

No cost, No obligation list of suggested reading matter in all genres. All at huge discounts.

This sounds to good to believe so lets look at a small list of books which available from their recent suggestions.

Vengeful Games – A Dark Psychological Thriller (Bad Games)

After the psychotic Fannelli brothers were beaten as they attempted to torment the Lambert family in their weekend cabin when they managed to survive and beat their tormentor they thought it was all over.

A follow up on the well received first novel enters new realms of suspense, fear and unspeakable evil.

Lost Catby Caroline Paul

A sometime times funny sometimes sad but always honest view from a feline perspective. covering the heart wrenching emotions when your pet goes missing and the feelings of the pet during their adventure. covering many human feelings from a pets perspective.

Ball Four (RosettaBooks Sports Classics) by Jim Boulton

Reviewed as the best baseball book out there. Viewed from the players perspective on field, in locker room and in dealing with day to day life. The author has a biting sarcastic wit, sometimes aimed at himself and this book is the product of a true storyteller.

Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes

This powerful treatment of domestic violence is not treated sensationally and with the writers insightful dealing of OCD and all it’s pain and frustration. A prologue which leaves you wondering if this is for you turns into a novel you cant put down.

Black Site: A Delta Force Novel by Dalton Fury

A story of the legendary Delta Force written by someone who appears to have walked the walk. An insiders view written in a manner which you would expect from one of the worlds elite units. One of those books that once started is very hard to put down.

He Still Moves Stones by Max Lucado

This collection of short stories using characters taken from the Bible are told in a powerful yet funny way, showing sympathy and understanding but in a powerful way. He writes in a manner which leads you to believe you can prevail. With obvious references to its Christian beliefs but without Tub Thumping and a vast degree of sensible ways to overcome life’s problems with the help of your faith.

Book On Leadership by John F Macarthur

A detailed description of the traits of true leadership necessary to have any effect on the great problems faced by Country and Church.

The author points out what is necessary and sometimes forgotten by those who are there to lead us. Not a list of faults more a sketch of requirements needed. A detailed investigation of the qualifications we should look for in our spiritual leaders.

Born Lucky by Chris Dougherty

The story ,very cleverly woven, of a Psychic recovering after a disastrous start to his life. at 3 days old he survives the blast which kills his parents but has left him with powerful visions of what he “sees”.
Hiding out in an Institution for the Mentally handicapped JD tries to help in the search for missing couple in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

Bravo Two Zombie by A Walton

A battle against a pandemic virus is lost sometime in the future and our hero is en ex special forces soldier whose responsibility is ensuring Fort London is protected from Fort Warwick but war looms. The northern drug lord has entered into trade with Fort London but with the appearance of someone who can resist the disease both sides want her. The fact she is a child adds extra viewpoints into the classic fight between good and evil. One fort will win but the question is who?

The Harbinger Collection by Carolyn McCray

A one off chance to get Eight novels for such a low price. A psychological insight into the dark side of serial killers. Whilst the main character Harbinger appears to many that he should be the one inside the stories are so quick moving and easy to read but be warned, do not turn off the lights.

!!! Price is changed regularly, double check when you click “Buy Now” on Amazon. !!!

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Kindle Discounts

How about Kindle Covers? Do they have some good deals once a while? Are they are all $30 which is totally insane comparing to the cost of the Kindle Devices?

Definitely not, I just to capture the best deals once a while and update here.

So there you have it a representative selection of some of the genres available in Kindle Daily Deals which I hope you have enjoyed.

One small word of warning the discount in Daily Deals means just that, it is available on that day only so by the time you read this they are probably back to their real price.

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