Ideas and Decisions: Choosing the Perfect Gift for the Kindle Lover In Your Life

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Looking for some great gift ideas for the Kindle Lovers in your life? If so your not alone- these days it seems like everyone owns a Kindle. Whether they are sporting one of the multi-generational e-Readers or Fire tablets one thing remains the same: Kindle users love their devices to the point of obsession and with good reason. The Kindle line combines style and performance that competitor can’t even come close to and make life easier. That’s why finding a gift to enhance or compliment their device is a win-win situation: they will love the gift and they’ll love you for giving it to them! Read on to discover why everyone loves their Kindle and to find some great gift ideas the Kindle user in your life is sure to love.

Kindle Gift Ideas Everyone Loves

1. Upgrade To a New Kindle

Before you start shopping you need to decide if you are buying a Kindle as a gift or planning to buy just the extras. If you want to buy your Kindle owner an upgraded version of their current device there are 2 excellent choices: the Kindle Paperwhite or Fire HD 7 Tablet. Lets see what each has to offer:

Kindle Paperwhite: A great option for true book lovers and readers who don’t want to be interrupted with all the extras that come with a tablet. The Paperwhite is lightweight, has a no glare screen and features a built-in light so it won’t strain your eyes. It gives you access to over 70,000 titles with Amazon membership and you can do cool things like take notes in the margins or share highlighted text with other readers.

Fire HD 7″ Tablet 2014: It’s the 4th Gen Fire Tablet since introduced in 2011. This is a great gift for someone who wants to read books and more. It has a sharp HD screen so you can watch movies or play video games in style, in addition to reading your favorite books. Comes with unlimited cloud storage and over 33 million titles of books, music, Android apps and more. It is also fitted with front and rear cameras to take stunning photos or video- so you’ll never miss those special moments.

2. Buy Them A Cool Case

Cases make a statement and serve a purpose. If you can, have it engraved or personalized with a design they like to add a personal touch. You could even have a small message or quote written inside, perfect for an anniversary gift or a gift for mom. Also, many come with a stand to prop the device up, which is a real convenience. You can even get waterproof cases- which are great for anyone who gets stuck in the rain- or wants to read while enjoying a bubble bath.

3.Buy Them a multi-puprose Charger

For Kindle users, being able to charge their device wherever they are is a must, so buy them a multiple use charger. This makes a great birthday gift for college kids and people who travel for business. They sell ones that cone with a USB cable, AC adapter plug and AC car adapter. The USB plug fits in both so it can use it anywhere.

4.Invest in Quality Headphones

Many Kindle users use their devices in public, whether it’s on the train or at the beach, so headphones let them enjoy their tablet without bothering others. Buying them comfortable, high quality headphones will allow them to jam to their favorite tunes or watch a movie anywhere- even the library. Headphones make a cool graduation or birthday gift.

5. Give Them A Keyboard

This is a nifty little accessory that makes typing easier for those who are conducting business, do a lot of correspondence or for students. It gives them the convenience of typing like they are on a laptop or PC, taking their tablet from super to extraordinary. Keyboards come in a large range of sizes and some even come as part of a case, so they can carry their Fire tablet and keyboard together. There is even a new keyboard that attaches to the Fire tablet with magnets, so it can snap on and off whenever they need it.

6. Give Them A Set of Stylus Pens

Need a practical, stylish Christmas gift for your Kindle loving coworker or friend? The get them a set of stylus pens. Stylus pens help to touch the screen with precision, so they hit the exact icon they want. It also comes in handy for jotting notes down on the screen while reading or writing memos . The pens come in an assortment of colors, so you can give them a diverse set and make it fun as well as useful.

7. Give Them A Set of Clear Screen Protectors

Screen protectors are an ideal stocking stuffer because they preserve the integrity of the device. They can prevent smudges from constantly touching the screen and act as a barriers against spills, which can destroy the display. These days, screen protectors come in super thin materials and go on effortlessly, so there are no air bubbles- you can’t even tell it’s on. Great for basically any Kindle user.

8. Buy Them an SD Card or External Harddisk for backup

An SD card is great for backing up data on the Kindle as storage is limited, so they won’t have to worry about running out of space. With an SD card they can download all the books or music they want and even transfer it to the computer. Also, you could get really creative and give them an SD card with some books already downloaded on it if you know what they like- gives it a nice, personal touch. A great idea for students or those who are true book lovers.

9. Give Them Gift Cards

Gift card are a great gift because the can be used to buy content, something every Kindle lover can’t get enough of. Also, they can use them to buy what they want, making it a a good birthday or Kris Kringle gift. They can apply the cards to books purchases, Facebook credits, video games or anything else they get the urge for. It gives them the freedom to buy what they need when they need it. A smart idea for college kids or loved ones who are far away.

10. Get Them an Amazon Prime Account

One of the Kindle line’s biggest selling features is access to all of Amazon’s content, so an Amazon Prime membership is the ultimate gift. Prime membership costs $99 on the year and gives them the latest in everything from video games to movies. Amazon even has it’s own original TV programming, so they can watch new, ground-breaking shows other people don’t even know about. They can read and watch all their favorites- courtesy of you. A good investment and the perfect birthday or anniversary gift.

11. Buy Them a Netflix Account

Those with a Fire tablet will jump up and down over this gift. The purpose of these devices is to use them for all their entertainment purposes and this gift fits the bill as Netflix is one of the most used apps for tablet users. A subscription costs $7.99 a month so you could buy them a year’s subscription for under $100, giving them access to thousands of TV shows and movies.

12. Invest In Their Favorite Subscriptions

Most people own a Kindle so they can read their favorite newspapers or books, without having to carry around all that paper. So why not get them a years subscription to say, Fitness Subscription, Glamour magazine or The New York Times? Whatever publication they read, it will probably cost you close to $100 for the year, but the excitement on their face will be priceless. This is a nice idea for kids on dorms, businessmen or anyone on the go.

13. Give Them Apps

Kindle’s Fire tablets come with access to thousands of apps, so why not buy few for them? This is a great gift for game lovers in particular, as the app store has games in every category and for every age. You can even email them the app once it’s purchased, for real convenience.

Why Kindle?

As you can see the Amazon line of Kindle products and accessories make the ultimate gifts because when you give a Kindle it says: “I care” and “You matter”. Giftees feel appreciated, like you really took the time to give them something they value, which makes them value you more. Whether your buying a Kindle as a gift or stocking up on some of their cool extras, like music downloads and ebooks, there is something for everyone on your list. You can choose to upgrade their eReader/tablet to a newer version or set them up with some great subscriptions or a stylish case-the possibilities are endless. Whatever you decide you can feel good you gave a gift they will treasure.

Why Everyone Loves Kindle

Everyone loves the Amazon Kindle line for a few reasons:

State of The Art Technology: every Kindle, from the 1st generation eReader to the Fire tablet HDX cones equipped with the most advanced technology, so your device performs at it’s best at all times. They all have crystal clear displays, fast processors for smooth operation and the latest apps to make using them simple and convenient.
Unique eReader capabilities: Kindle was originally created for book lovers and it shows. Both the eReaders and tablets are equipped with a grey scale screen, so when you read it looks just like your reading an actual paper: no glare, no adjustments needed. This is something only Kindle offers and something only those who use it can fully appreciate.
Convenience: These devices, along with their accessories are designed to make your life easier and they do. Books, music, TV and movies can all be accessed in seconds. The eReaders can last on one charge for weeks, so you don’t have to worry about losing power in the middle of a book. The Fire tablets have tons of extras, like 24-hour assistance and access to Netflix (with a subscription) so you can watch virtually anything.
Amazon Accessibility: Owning a Kindle means having instant access to all of Amazon’s music, books, movies, games and TV shows for low prices. Plus, with a Amazon Prime membership you get even better values for these services as many are free.

It’s easy to understand why Amazon’s Kindle line is so popular and why they make the perfect gifts. No matter where they are they can read a book, magazine or paper. They can watch a movie or hear the latest album release- there really isn’t anything they can’t do. Best of all they can do it on the go, so they never have to worry about missing the end of a show or the last scene of the latest thriller.

If all that wasn’t enough they even have their pick of the latest and most stylish Kindle accessories as the best Kindle gift ideas. From cases to carrying pouches they are all made of the finest materials and are built to last. There are even accessories that can be customized to really make a statement and put a personal touch on the device. From their devices to their apps and materials there is endless hours of entertainment available. Kindles are tops in their field for good reason: they truly are the gift that keeps on giving.

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