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Kindle Best Sellers for the Teen and Young Adult in all of us!

We’re all kids at heart, and sometimes a good Kindle Best Seller for Teens and Young Adults is just what the doctor ordered.  Whether you’re looking for a good thriller, a new romance or just something to take you back to high school for a few hours…you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here.  We’ve selected some of our favorites available right now…take a look and tell us what you think!

The Hobbit

Why not start your journey back in time with a beloved favorite…Join Bilbo and his friends once again as they travel through the Misty Mountains in search of dragons and gold.  Laugh as he outwits the trolls, shiver while he’s trying to free them from the goblins and rejoice in the end at their victory over the mighty dragon.  A classic of the very highest order!


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Best Selling Kindle Sports and Outdoors Books

The weather is warming up!  OK, maybe not.  But it WILL be, and you’re going to want to get off the couch and head outside to get rid of that ferocious case of cabin fever, right?  Let Kindle Best Sellers in Sportss and Outdoors turn your thinking to warm sunny days, walks in the park, bike rides… whatever it is that gets you motivated and gets you outside.

We’ve chosen some of our favorites and reviewed them for you here, but don’t take our word for it.  While the snow is still flying, take some time to peruse these Best Books in Sports and Outdoorsand let us know what you find in the comments below.  And now, for your reading pleasure…

Into Thin Air

When Jon Krakauer set out to climb Mt. Everest, he had no idea what he was in for.  By the time he reached the summit, he had not slept for over 57 hours and was suffering from the effects of severe oxygen deprivation.  And he had no way of knowing that what was to become the deadliest season on the mountain in recorded history was waiting for him just around the corner.  If you are a climber, or have just wondered what it feels like to stand at the top of the tallest mountain on earth, then you need to spend some time with Krakauer.  His adventures changed his life…his story just might change yours.


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Top Kindle Best Sellers in Romance… Love is in the Air!

Christmas is over…the New Year has been rung in…the kids are back in school…and it’s time for Mom to take a well deserved break!  Kindle Best Sellers in Romance are just the thing to brighten up a dull winter’s day.  Light a fire, find a blanket, grab a cup of coffee or your favorite tea and curl up for an afternoon with one of these great reads.  OH, you might better grab a box of Kleenex too, some of them are guaranteed to make you cry!

Flirting with Felicity

Romance AND decadent recipes?  You’ll lose yourself in this savory creation from author Gerri Russell.  Felicity Wright’s dreams have come true when she unexpectedly inherits the hotel and restaurant where she serves as the head chef…or have they?  When the owner’s handsome nephew shows up to challenge things, Felicity will have to pull out all the stops to keep him from taking it back…can she keep from falling in love with him while she’s fighting for her hotel?  This delicious debut novel will please even the pickiest of readers!


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Ring in 2016 the Right Way… Best Kindle Books for the New Year

As the sun sets on the old year, and we begin to look toward 2016, our thoughts turn to change.  Traditionally, people make “New Years Resolutions”… promises to themselves and others that are designed to make them better people.  Unfortunately, most of these resolutions don’t make it past the first week or two.  This year, we are proposing something new.  Why not make your New Years Resolutions from a literary perspective?  We have gathered here 15 of the Top Kindle Books for the New Year, and designed each of them to be a way to change your perspective.

Take some time to explore the ideas here.  We have offered you a Kindle book for each one.  Think about the concept, and then peruse the book that we’ve suggested and see if you can make the connection between the two.  And if you have another book suggestion, please do let us know in the comments below!

And now, without further adieu, here are our Best Kindle eBooks for 2016, and what we think that they represent.

This year, take some time to…

Read something inspirational. 

Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption


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Best Selling Kindle Religion and Spirituality Books

Whether you consider yourself “religious or spiritual” really isn’t the question.  The question is “How does what you believe–or what you don’t believe–affect the way that you live”?  Spending time reading and exploring your beliefs is good for the soul, in the same way that spending time learning a new language or skill is good for the mind.  The soul needs nourishment, and these Kindle Top Books in Religion and Spirituality are designed to do just that.  Take some time over this holiday season to reflect on what you believe.  Read something contrary to what you believe and see if you learn something new.  And after you’ve read a while, stop and think for a bit.  Then, take some time to answer these questions in the comments below:

  • Do you believe in a Higher Power?
  • Does your belief (or not believing) affect the way that you live?
  • What is one thing that you learned from an opposing viewpoint that surprised you?

Moments of Peace in the Presence of God

Spending time in the Psalms is refreshing, soul-searching and reminds us that God is there, that He does love us and that there is hope even in the midst of despair.  More than 170 meditations bring the words of David to life, even thousands of years later, and each two-page spread provides a devotional thought and encouraging Scripture for the day.

Doubt: A History: The Great Doubters and Their Legacy of Innovation from Socrates and Jesus to Thomas Jefferson and Emily Dickinson

From the time that man began to think for himself, he has had doubts.  This “history of doubt” dramatizes the struggle between belief and denial, and looks at great thinkers throughout history who experienced doubt and how they reconciled what they saw with what they thought.  A fascinating look at philosophy, religion and spirituality from the viewpoint of men and women who have influenced our beliefs today…whether they meant to or not.


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