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Understanding Why Reading Books for Kids is Good For Today and Tomorrow

Educators have been telling parents for years about the importance of getting children to read, especially when they’re very young. However, far too many people are still skeptical about it. They may not always make the connection between the early reading habits of their children and the academic problems that their children may experience later during their school careers. When parents know why reading books for kids is good in advance, they can completely change the course of their children’s lives.


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The Kindle Paperwhite “How-to User Guide for Dummies”

You did it!  After reading all of our excellent reviews on tablets and e-readers, you went and got yourself a Kindle Paperwhite.  We’re proud of you.  And just a little bit excited that you used our reviews to make your choice!  (And if you didn’t…well…hush.  Give us this one, K?  Thank you.  Sheesh.)  Now that your Paperwhite has arrived in it’s compact, little box, and you’ve spent hours gazing at it, marveling at it’s compactness…it’s time.  We know you’ve got one question that you’re dying to ask, and we’ve got the answer.  Ready?

How in the name of all that’s good do I turn this thing on?

There.  Now that it’s out in the open, don’t you feel a little better?  We understand.  We are the self-proclaimed “Paperwhite gurus”…and we still had to figure out where to begin.  As someone near and dear to all of our hearts once said…

“Let’s start at the very beginning
a very good place to start…” 

Try and get THAT out of your head before Thursday.  You’re welcome.


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