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How to read and access Books on Kindle Paperwhite

Welcome back to our Amazon Kindle Video Series: How to read books. We hope that you are finding our series helpful as you learn to navigate your new device.  In this, our tenth installment, we’ll be talking about reading books on your Kindle. 

Where are my books on Paperwhite?

Amazon stores your Kindle library securely in the Cloud.  To download it to your device, tap the “Cloud” tab to display your library.  Find the title that you want to download and tap it.  Note–your device must be connected to a WiFi connection or have 3G capability to download items.  Now tap the “On Device” tab to make sure that your content has downloaded to your Kindle.  If it has not appeared, try syncing your device, which should solve the problem.


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How to Rent Kindle Textbooks on Paperwhite Video

Welcome back!  Today, in our seventh installment of our Kindle Video Series, we discuss renting Kindle textbooks.  If you would like to follow along, or watch the video, you may do so.  With the cost of textbooks at an all-time high, most college and university students opt for rental or used books when at all possible.  Renting textbooks on your Kindle offers not only a lower price, but also the convenience of not having to carry all of those textbooks around campus!  You can literally carry all of your classes in your purse.

Are all textbooks available as rentals?

While the textbook rental library is rapidly expanding, not all textbooks are available in e-format yet.  Be sure to check regularly, as new titles are being added all the time.

How much does it cost?

When you rent a textbook on your Kindle, you only pay for the amount of time that you need the book.  This allows you to save up to 80% off the list price of the book.


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How to Buy and Download Kindle Books on Kindle Paperwhite

Welcome to the second installment in our Kindle Paperwhite Help Videos series.  Here we will walk you through How-to buying and downloading books onto your Kindle device, so that you can get started reading and enjoying the benefits of your new Paperwhite.

Connecting to Network

First, make sure that your device is connected to a wireless network.  If you have 3G, you can download books while you are connected to your 3G service, but for optimum speed and data usage, WiFi is recommended.  To visit the Kindle store on, simply tap the “shop” icon and you will be automatically redirected.


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How To Setup Your First Kindle Paperwhite Video

Once you have purchased your Kindle Paperwhite, you no doubt have questions about how to set up and use your Paperwhite.  We will answer all of your questions in our new series based on the Kindle Paperwhite Help Videos located on

Power Up Kindle

The first thing you need to do is turn on your device.  Press and hold the “power” button, located on the side of the Kindle, for several seconds.  Your device will take a few moments to set up, so be patient.  Once the screen has refreshed and the device is turned on, tap the “Get started” icon located in the middle of the page. 


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Your Kindle Paperwhite How to Use Guide and Manual

Now that you’ve figured out the basics of your new Kindle Paperwhite, it’s time to start discovering what else you can do with your new device.  It’s great for reading books, magazines and newspapers, and if all you ever do with it is read those things you’ll have gotten your money’s worth.  You can do a LOT more with it, if you just take the time to learn a few tips and tricks.  We’ll try to cover some of the features that make your Paperwhite unique and give you some ideas for getting started.

How to adjust the brightness

Your device is designed for optimum reading in all kinds of light settings, and is designed to reduce or eliminate eye-strain.  With a built in front light system that guides light toward the display, you can safely read even in very low light settings without hurting your eyes.  To adjust the brightness on your Paperwhite, simply tap the small light bulb symbol located on the Home screen.  This will bring up the light bar and allow you to adjust your settings for your particular needs. 

Higher settings are recommended for brightly lit rooms, while lower settings allow you to read well in dark rooms.  Once you have determined the perfect setting for your current location, simply tap the light bulb again to close the light bar.


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