Top Seller Kindle Paperwhite Cases and Covers (2017)

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There are millions of people that enjoy a good book, but don’t want to carry a heavy book around with them. Well, now that has been made possible. Amazon has developed a product called the Kindle Paperwhite e-reader which can be stored in your purse of briefcase. The only issue is that it has a crystallized screen that can be easily damaged. This which means it would be very wise to protect it with a custom designed Kindle Paperwhite cover.

Best Kindle Paperwhite Covers n Cases

Since the early launch of the first Kindle in 2007, there have been many different styles and models of the Kindle with the latest being the introduction of the new Kindle paperwhite e-reader (3rd generation) released on June 30, 2015. Immediately upon the release of the Kindle Paperwhite came the various style of Kindle Paperwhite covers to protect it from different types of damage.

Note: The below cases don’t fit the latest Kindle Voyage (2014) – the best Lighted e-ink Kindle. Check out Covers for Voyage if this is what you have.

Updated 12/1/2015
All these best-selling Paperwhite Covers do support 1st Generation Kindle Paperwhite (2012), 2nd Gen Kindle Paperwhite 2013, and 300 dpi 2015 Latest Model..

Top Rated Kindle Paperwhite 3rd Gen Covers and Cases – Which one do you like?

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover (Premium Leather)

The advantage of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover is the book style tech case that gives the Kindle Paperwhite a comfortable feeling in your hand. This particular cover is safe for reading on the beach, on the plane or even a train; because it fits in a natural manner directly in the palm of your hand. The magnetic clasp securely closes your cover for even more protection.

Our Most Popular Cover include 7 colors as Onyx Black, Ink Blue,Persimmon Orange, Saddle Tan, Fuchsia Pink, Honey Yellow, and Royal Purple

Check out the Best Selling Paperwhite Cover here.

Please note that this doesn’t support 4th or 5th gen Simple Kindle and Kindle Touch model introduced in 2011.

OMOTON The thinnest and lightest leather cover case for Kindle Paperwhite (Our Best Budget Seller)

The Ultra Slim Design fits Paperwhite 2013 (2nd release model) and 2015 (the latest one). Magnetic cover secures your Kindle without straps when closing. The front cover folds to the back of the Kindle for one handed reading – a smart design.

Check out why it’s rated as 4.5+ Stars from Bought Customers!

Interesting color like Apple Green, Dark Blue, Mint Green, and Purple are here for you.
OMOTON (TM) The thinnest and lightest PU leather cover case for Kindle Paperwhite


MoKo Cover Case for for Amazon All-New Kindle Paperwhite (Both 2012, 2013, and 2015 versions with 6″ Display and Built-in Light) (Very Reasonable Price)

The exterior is premium PU leather with a microfiber interior. The slim and stylish design is unbeatable.

Simply open or close the case to wake or put your Kindle Paperwhite to sleep.

You should check out why 2000+ customers give 4.5 star rating on this case with FREE shipping.

We’re pretty sure that one of these 15 Colors is your Favorite: Black, Purple, Green, Coffee, Redd, Magenta, Indigo, Blue, Light Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Gray, Beige and White.

Fintie Folio Case for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite with Auto Sleep/Wake Feature

Giving you back the advantage of one of your hands is just a small feat; there is a small pocket inside to help hold many small items that you may not want to place in your pocket while you are enjoying your day out. Holding the Kindle Paperwhite in your hand gives a since of security which will allow you to enjoy your day.

We know you may have questions like “Won’t my items fall out when I fold the cover back?” Fortunately, no. The pocket’s tight design makes thing go in easily, but does not allow them to slide around inside the pocket. Each item will remain in the pocket until you decide to remove them.

Auto sleep/wake feature comes with the magnetic clasp of the case.

With around $10+, you could choose this cover in various colors and patterns. You should check out why 1000+ customers are happy about this case.


rooCASE Cover for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite – Ultra Slim Book

It’s an ultra-slim and light-weight case that wraps your Paperwhite like a glove.

The synthetic leather feels great and it’s one RooCase’s signature models. The lid supports auto wake-up and sleep when opening & closing it.

You can’t go wrong with 500+ 4.5 customer reviews.

Marware Eco Vue cover

For those of you who are environmentally conscious, there is the Marware Eco Vue Genuine leather Kindle Paperwhite cover. With the use of fewer toxins to help tan the leather, it minimizes the toxic run off into our natural water sources when produced at the factory, giving the impression of environmental awareness and concern.

The high grade strap does not distract from the comfort or the wonderful reading experience that the Marware Eco Vue cover for the Kindle Paperwhite is sure to give its owner.

This leather case, which is designed for the Kindle Paperwhite, is equipped with an interior hand strap. It provides a comfortable grip for convenient one-handed use on the go. Only having to use one hand can make this particular cover ideal for those who may need to maintain control of someone smaller than themselves. A day at the park will be fun for everyone with the Marware Eco Vue cover for the Kindle Paperwhite.

MarBlue Atlas (new) for Kindle Case

MarBlue is another certified “Made for Kindle” case for Kindle Paperwhite. The interior hand strap is great for holding your new loved Paperwhite.
MarBlue Atlas (new) for Kindle Case Colors

5 Colors are available for your choosing. You can’t go wrong with all 4.5 stars customer reviews.

MarBlue Atlas (new) for Kindle Case interior hand strap


Marware jurni Kindle Paperwhite Case

To add to the delight of the cover, there is a strap inside that performs the task of holding your Kindle in the middle of the cover which helps to ensure a steady reading experience. This colorful and sturdy cover also helps the reader securely hold the Kindle Paperwhite while reading, lessening the chance of any accidental drops.

We would be absent minded not to mention that The Marware Jurni covers are lightweight with a strong quality construction and a flexible spine. This makes very easy to unzip the zipper of the cover allowing you quick access to the Kindle, without fearing that the cover may crack and break from the repeated folding action. The tough yet elegant design allows for the use of day to day activity never losing the exquisite look it possesses.

Also, it is offered Black, Blue, Pink, Beige and Red.

Magnetic Leather Smart Case Cover stand for New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite with Auto Sleep Wake Function

Whatcan the Magnetic Leather Smart Case give me? It includes a magnetic clasp to securely hold the Kindle Paperwhite inside of the Kindle Paperwhite cover. A high grade elastic strap ensures the security of the device inside the cover. Having the strap in place will make sure that the Kindle Paperwhite is not shifting around or moving while you are trying to enjoy your book.

It comes with a bonus: a stylus pen and screen protector to keep scratches away from the Kindle Screen.

Hot Pink, Black, Blue, Brown, Red, Cyan, and Purple are available too.

Vera Bradley Kindle Paperwhite Cover in Pattens

These reasons are only a few that require and encourage you to get some type of extra protection. Companies such as Vera Bradley have provided an assortment of colorful flower print cases to help your Kindle Paperwhite cover stand out. The Vera Bradley version of the Kindle Paperwhite cover has a coordinating inside liner that helps in the added protection of the screen.

Let’s not stop there. The Vera Bradley cover for the Kindle Paperwhite continues to provide great protection (with style) by adding a large interior pocket for those of you who only wish to carry your e-reader. Inside of the Kindle Paperwhite cover by Vera Bradley, there is a well hidden pocket for small items such as: business cards, driver’s license, and plane tickets just to name a few items. With the extra comfort of knowing that one will not have to carry the Kindle Paperwhite cover and a bag, this choice provides a great value.

What Are Kindle Paperwhite Covers?

With such a light e-reader, it is not hard to carry the Kindle Paperwhite in your purse, briefcase, backpack or your gym bag. Unprotected, the screen or the outer shell of the Kindle Paperwhite will become damaged. For this reason, different Kindle Paperwhite covers have been produced.

Several designs have been released to the purchasing community by various companies; the Kindle Paperwhite covers are designed to help protect the Kindle Paperwhite from minor accidents to everyday wear and tear. As well as provide the owner of the Kindle Paperwhite with a true sense of comfort when reading.

Why Do I Need A Cover?

As with all of your new electronic toys like the Kindle Paperwhite, it is necessary to have something that provides extra protection. The Kindle Paperwhite covers are just for that purpose and more. These covers will help protect from:

  • Dust from the surrounding area
  • Drops off the end of a table
  • Damage from items in a bag or purse
  • Spills from a cup of coffee

What to Consider When Buying One?

Each one of these Kindle Paperwhite covers gives you a chance to express yourself in a manner unique to you. Weather you choose Vera Bradley with the colorful flower print or Marware with the eco-friendly leather, both of the wonderful Kindle Paperwhite covers have the ultimate goal in mind to provide your e-reader with the extra protection it will need. With all these options in mind, your Kindle is sure to stand out with one of these covers.

Keep in mind that, as with all products, a fair amount of research is always the answer, but it is also wise to consider your immediate budget, needs and wants. If you desire a Kindle Paperwhite cover than look into what the manufacturer has suggested for the best protection and fitting your favorite color and style.

In all the designs of the Kindle Paperwhite covers there can be one or more features that stand out to help keep better control, be more lightweight, and provide extra storage for your items. A great advantage when you are sitting on the beach reading on a crowded train/bus not having a fear that someone may knock the Kindle Paperwhite out of your hand.

Make sure that your Kindle Paperwhite cover has a cover to protect your screen and ensure you keep a handle on it, as well. Last but not least, make sure the fit is right and that it is what you are looking for. Plan to enjoy your Kindle with a lovely Kindle Paperwhite cover. Give your Kindle the chance to stand out among all the others.

4.5 Reviewer
Easy of Use
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