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Best Rated Kindle Fire Games – What Should I Play on my Fire now?

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Finding the best Kindle Fire games is a quest many people have embarked upon. It seems almost impossible to imagine a life in which tablets were not part of the daily routine. Increasingly popular, there are many tablets available for consumers to choose from and each one of them offers different benefits and features.

One popular tablet is the Kindle Fire which is made by Amazon, a popular online retailer. Available in different versions like HD and HDX and from retailers across the world, the Kindle Fire is an easy to use and versatile tablet that has become popular across age groups, occupation, gender and ethnicity. It is a tablet that suits the tastes of very diverse populations.

Best Rated Kindle Fire Games

Among the best Kindle Fire games, one will find different groupings, which include arcade games, puzzle games, racing games and card games. The Fire’s incredible array of downloadable game apps makes it a favorite among its users.

If you are trying to figure out what the different game categories entail, here is a quick synopsis:

  • Arcade games- these games are the ones one would find in a traditional gaming establishment and they include popular ones such as Guitar Hero, Pinball and many others.
  • Puzzle games- for those who are up to some challenges, puzzle games are it! Including Sudoku, Tic Tac Toe and super popular Minecraft, these games make one think strategically and be resourceful in order to rack up points and move up in levels.
  • Racing games- as its category implies, these are games that have one racing a car or other object against other competitors. Especially fun for kids and those who love the challenge of a good race, these are great Kindle Fire games to download onto your device.

What are the most popular Kindle Fire games?

If you are wondering where it is easiest to download the best Kindle games, it is actually directly from your Kindle itself. And if you are wondering what exactly you should be playing on your Kindle, explore the following popular games:

[12/25/2013 Ken] This is the top rated as today.

1. Minecraft – Pocket Edition

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This game encourages creativity by allowing the player to use cubes and other building materials to construct a structure they can call their own. There is no particular goal to be achieved, but in the course of building your castle, moat or building you may encounter adversity and have to seek the necessary tools to complete your project and ward off the enemy. The app’s lack of structure is one that results in a lot of imagination and hours of entertainment.

2. Scribblenauts Remix
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This highly entertaining game focuses on solving situations by summoning objects that may help you get out of a bind. This game is great for those word lovers who use their vocabulary to summon just the precise object that will help by writing its name on the screen. Additionally, it challenges the player to resolve difficult situations by applying critical thinking.

3. Plants vs. Zombies (Kindle Tablet Edition)
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It is hard to believe how popular this game has become! Its premise of protecting one’s home from zombies by using plants seems a bit shallow, but in reality it offers hours of fun. It requires strategic thinking and through continuous play different features can be unlocked to reveal more plants to defend the home.

4. Survival Games – Minecraft Mini Game & Multiplayer
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Survival mode is a part of Minecraft, only in this mode players have to build their structures and collect their resources specifically for survival. It is a bit more combative than the normal mode and it is more about beating the opponent than being creative as a builder. Players can combine resources according to recipes and create potions and new tools as a result.

5. THE GAME OF LIFE (Kindle Tablet Edition)
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This popular board game is now one of the top Kindle Fire games. It continues to allow each player to make decisions and go through the game of life with three other friends. Just like life itself, this games has one playing carefully in order to gain the most profits and avoid trouble spots.

A Kindle Fire HD/HDX is a great tablet to own. It is affordable, easy to use, has a great resolution and offers many wonderful games and apps for download. If you want to explore the best Kindle Fire games, you can simply do so directly from your Fire tablet and start playing right away!

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