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Finding the best Kindle books for your Kindle is awesome because there is always something to read and a new bestseller to check out. For avid readers this is a gold mine of places to find good books. Readers are always reading and if you are one you know that you can never have enough on your Kindle because you finish them quickly.

How to Find the best Kindle Books Online?

Best Kindle Books Best Sellers List

Top Five Best Sellers on Amazon

[Ken 12/26/2013] We will review and update the list regularly. Bookmark and revisit us later.

Here is a look at the five best sellers on Amazon right now.

1. Divergent (Divergent Series)

This is the first in the Trilogy by Veronica Roth and it is a must to have if you have not read the series and want to get started. The story is a science fiction plethora of frightening choices and it is compared to the Hunger Games in excitement and plot line. It is a futuristic story of Chicago and the challenges that now face young people in this different world. It is a must read for science fiction lovers and if you get one you have to get the series to see the whole future through Veronica’s characters and descriptive scenery.

2. Six Years By Harlan Coben

The Psychological thriller is Harlan Coben’s specialty and this book is no different as the main character finds himself in the middle of a controversial situation that people try to convince him he has dreamed up. But the clues come and he realizes this was not the case and things are not as they seem. If you like thrillers this is the one to read. Coben delivers in this book as a shocking page-turner and if you love shockers, grab this one up for your Kindle books.

3. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

This is an exciting thriller based in Afghanistan. If you like foreign intrigue this is the book for you with a familial tied theme. A father and a son faced with life and death choices in the deadly setting of Afghanistan the moment of truth comes and they face it together. As an Afghan American Khaled gives us a look into the culture and family aspects of living in Afghanistan and it is a must read for two genres of reading.

4. Sycamore Row By John Grisham

If you are a Grisham fan you already know he is one of the greats on legal thrillers and this is a follow up to one of his famous characters who is a lawyer named Jake Brigance from Clanton, Mississippi and the lawyer from his first best seller which is “A Time to Kill.” This is an exciting thriller as Grisham delivers another great installment to his already best-selling career.

5. Allegiant (Divergent Series) By Veronica Roth

This is the third in the series of books by Veronica Roth and the trilogy is called Divergent. It is an exciting series and a sneak peak into a science fiction type setting of Chicago. It is a very thrilling and frightening look of how one young woman of sixteen faces the challenges of a new world. This being the conclusion of the books is the final installment which if you have been hooked by this trilogy will be a must in your collection of Kindle books.

Above are just the top five best sellers but there are many to choose from. There are all genres and types of reading for your best Kindle Books. If you are romance lover there are plenty to choose as you browse through the titles. Avid readers all have their favorite choices and looking for your next favorite book is not hard when it comes to finding them. If you are looking for something new or old you can find it here. With easy titles and descriptions and even being able to read a portion to see if you like the book before buying. Browse your favorite selections and hit download and you are ready to read and go.

Romance Novels

Romance Novels are for the nook reader if you want to get away and be alone with your favorite story chances are you are a romance novel lover. There are many to choose from and with new writers coming out all the time there is nothing stopping you from finding your next romance to get involved in. From Dean Koontz’s Innocence to Deborah Harkness’s Shadow of Night you will be secretly delighted with the choices to choose from.

Fiction Books

There are many wonderful stories to get caught up in if you want a fantasy to fall in and be swept away these fiction choices are a great start with Dream Of You to The Book Thief you will be reading yourself into another world with these great fiction titles.

Science Fiction

The Science Fiction choices are amazing with so many to choose from as in the best sellers so many different titles and so little time to read them all up. From The Host to Vall’s Will you will be so happy to have such a great choice of reads and venues for sci-fi. Get some today and get going on your favorites.

Children’s Books

If you need children’s books for your Kindle there are so many to choose from. These are great for your kids when you are at the doctor and your kids are bored so grab a few of these to keep them happy and you won’t regret it. From Sweet Pete and the Magical Cookie Jar to Puzzles for kids this is a great entertainment for your little ones and teaching them to read on a Kindle is fun stuff because it makes the books come alive.

Business Books

Train your business mind with some books for Kindle and get going on your ideas and learning about them with these wonderful books. From Business by the Book to How To Work For Yourself you can get started reading on how to get started in business.

Amazon has a treasure trove of Kindle books for the avid reader. While searching for your old favorite classics or for new and exciting thrillers there are discounts to be had and more. With a bevy of choices to keep you reading as you download the next one for your entertainment. Find your good deals at Amazon where the best Kindle books are just a click away.

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