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Is Amazon launching Rumored Fire Smart-phone on June 18th, 2014? Gonna be Epic and Amazing

WOW, finally, it’s coming true. The invite image and the Youtube video is telling me that they are launching something awesome, cool and even 3-D.

What are they looking at? This teasing video makes me so looking forward to the 3D Screen Fire Phone (Rumor has been around for a while -> Fire Phone Rumor Summary.)

Are you looking forward to the Launch event? I wish I could take a day off attending June 18, 2014 Live Event.

Head over to the Amazon main page and sign up:

Amazon is launching new device - Fire Phone Event

As an unlocked phone, I think it would cost $299 or $399, and even lower as $99 / $149 with 2-year contract. This is just my educational guess – so they can steal the Smartphone Customer Market around the Global.

With $199 (2-year contract), why not wait for iPhone 6 in the Fall or Samsung Galaxy S5 (the best sellers smart-phone all year around in 2014?)

The price has to be very attractive to have a market-share given it’s so competitive; well, they could make the money back with selling more physical products, Apps, Kindle Books, Music, whatever that could consume on the phone screen.

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