Is Amazon launching Rumored Fire Smart-phone on June 18th, 2014? Gonna be Epic and Amazing

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WOW, finally, it’s coming true. The invite image and the Youtube video is telling me that they are launching something awesome, cool and even 3-D.

What are they looking at? This teasing video makes me so looking forward to the 3D Screen Fire Phone (Rumor has been around for a while -> Fire Phone Rumor Summary.)

Are you looking forward to the Launch event? I wish I could take a day off attending June 18, 2014 Live Event.

Head over to the Amazon main page and sign up:

Amazon is launching new device - Fire Phone Event

As an unlocked phone, I think it would cost $299 or $399, and even lower as $99 / $149 with 2-year contract. This is just my educational guess – so they can steal the Smartphone Customer Market around the Global.

With $199 (2-year contract), why not wait for iPhone 6 in the Fall or Samsung Galaxy S5 (the best sellers smart-phone all year around in 2014?)

The price has to be very attractive to have a market-share given it’s so competitive; well, they could make the money back with selling more physical products, Apps, Kindle Books, Music, whatever that could consume on the phone screen.

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