Amazon Fire TV Stick Review: Amazon Takes on Google Chromecast with $39 Fire TV Stick for Video Streaming

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There’s no other way to say it…using the Amazon Fire TV Stick will be a blessing. It’s difficult to decide which services to use in lieu of cable these days, and after this product comes out I can’t see myself wanting much more than what Amazon has to offer. As video streaming sticks become more common finding the right one can be tricky. It’s features and design are impressive, and I’m sure Amazon has much more to come.

This TV Stick compiles some of the biggest streaming companies like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Instant, and combines them into a massive blend of entertainment with plenty of variety. Similar to Kindle Video Streaming devices, this is a truly impressive piece of technology. I’m so excited about it I’ve decided to write an Amazon Fire TV Stick review.


This product is loaded with great features and has crazy, convenient benefits for its users. It has a dual-core processor, and for being only a device for entertainment that’s pretty impressive. This means it’s going to run applications much faster and more efficiently.

Memory and Voice Control

The 1GB of memory will be awfully convenient as well. Storage space is important on a device that runs apps and streams video. It has a crazy amount of movies and shows ready to watch, and with its ASAP feature the device learns your favorite programs in order to keep them readily available all the time. It’s voice directed search is supposed to work really well, which is nice since most voice directed products have tons of faults. You can instantly voice search your best-loved movies and videos with the Voice Search App on your Android devices.

Fire TV Remote App does Voice Search

Cloud Content

As an Amazon customer, we have free cloud storage. One could store their photos and videos with Amazon Cloud Drive, and they can be sync’d and played on your HDTV with this stick. This is an awesome feature to showcase your precious moments.

The Fire benefits

Almost all of the popular video streaming services can be used. That means the popular services like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. However, this device can also access Pandora, PBS, and even Twitch. It has 1 GB of memory and 8 GB of flash storage, outranking its competitors in both of these categories. It comes with over 200 games, and apps you have on different devices can be used with this one as well. It organizes all of these great features on an easy to use interface.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick offers as many video streaming services as the Roku streaming stick, although the two offerings are different, and more than the Google Chromecast, and its memory and storage are far superior. Don’t forget its Dolby Digital Plus surround sound. It also comes with a remote application for other devices to control it from your couch, and a voice remote that’s sold separately:

With Kindle Gaming there are over 200 options to choose from if you’re bored, and there’s no need to buy a game if you’ve already downloaded it to another device. This device can connect to others and utilize their apps. Amazon has also produced a game controller for their device, which makes it that much easier to have fun when you’re not feeling a movie or TV show.

What’s in the Box?

Obviously, you will have the TV stick when you open up the box. Also there are HDMI extender cable, USB cable, 2 (AAA) batteries, and a quick start guide manual.

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Comparison to other streaming products

Although this is a Fire-TV Stick review, it’s important you know about other products available. Despite how it looks this video streaming stick isn’t just a cheaper version of Amazon Fire TV. The Fire TV does offer better quality home video. The Fire TV also has an optical outlet instead of HDMI outlet. Both have voice commanding capabilities, but the voice controller comes with Fire TV, and with the Fire Stick you get an app or pay extra for the controller. The Fire TV has a quad-core processor, meaning more games are available to you. However, you’re going to pay only $39.99 for the TV Stick, [simpleazon-link asin="B00CX5P8FC" locale="us"]while the Fire TV is $99.99.

Even though Amazon can’t beat its more expensive product the Fire Stick it is still beating the Google Chromecast in specifications and customer satisfaction. For $4 more than Google’s streaming stick you get a stronger processor and more storage. The Fires Stick has a better antenna and more capable controls. The Chromecast also doesn’t offer nearly as many games. The only thing the Chromecast has that the Fire Stick is lacking is HBO Go, however the TV-stick offers more total media sources. Finally, the Fire TV Stick is four times faster than the Chromecast.


The Fires Stick TV is really personalized, meaning your games and videos are accessible on your TV now. Say you recorded a portion of your hike today, now you get to watch it on the big screen. Apps and Games you already own are also accessible remotely. It can be taken to every corner of your home and used on every TV. Also you can watch Amazon Instant Video with Prime Membership.

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  • Less hardware, and therefore less capable, than the Amazon Fire TV.
  • It doesn’t have HBO Go.
  • It has an HDMI outlet rather than an optical output which limits the TVs it can connect to.

There are a few questions popping up about this product I can answer. One is that you still have to pay for your Netflix and Hulu Plus accounts. You’re paying for fast, convenient interface where the best video streaming media is compiled. You don’t need to be an Amazon Prime member to buy or use this product. You can use it just to stream from other platforms and media source. Out of all the streaming sticks out there I think this is your best bet, which is why I wrote this Fire TV Stick review. There are so many things to do with it for only $40, and the money you’re already paying to watch TV on your laptop. Its specifications outclass competitors and it’s safe to say Amazon outdid itself once again.

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