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Amazon Fire Smartphone 2014 Live Event Blogging

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Amazon Live Event

*All Images are credited by Cnet Event

Today was the long anticipated introduction of the Amazon Kindle Fire Phone.  

What rumored features interest you the most about this phone?

  • 75% of Cnet viewers rated the 3D technology as the most exciting new feature.
  • Instant Amazon alerts for shopping.
  • 4.7 inch screen.

Did you know?

More than 25% of Amazon users are Prime members.


Early days…


Question of the day…fa4ec889-fad6-49f4-bc40-c63ec3ab80e5

d60747c0-5b33-48b1-990d-8af8a4a27f4e  Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO…”Beautiful, comfortable, durable”

About 300 people witnessed the event.  Considering that 60,000 people actually applied to witness the event, that seems like an awfully small number.  And someone had to go through all of those applications.

Key highlights from today…

  • Free one-year subscription to Amazon Prime with all phone purchases (even if you are already a Prime member).
  • AT&T is the exclusive carrier of the data plan, aptly named “Prime Data”.
  • 4G LTE.
  • AT&T Next plan…zero down, no activation fee.
  • Mayday…live tech support in less than 15 seconds.

But wait…there’s more.

  • Dynamic Perspective.
  • Music, videos, books…
  • Firefly.


  • $199 for a 32GB phone with a two-year plan.  That’s $27/month on the Next plan.

Over the next few days, check in with us as we highlight some of the key features of the new phone, and unwrap some of the coolest stuff to hit the market in a long time.




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